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Cremation Process

It is better to be familiar with the cremation process, if one of your family members has opted for cremation as a final rite. After the death of loved one cremation staff transports the deceased to the cremation facility. As soon as the death occurs in the family, you can contact your local cremation services at cremation Seattle, cremation Tucson or cremation Los Angeles depending on your location. It is mandatory to wait 24 to 48 hours before the cremation process begins. Till then, the body of the deceased is safely placed in a temperature controlled refrigeration unit.

Once necessary approval is obtained either from the coroner or medical examiner, the body is prepared for the cremation. Pacemakers, prostheses and silicone implants are removed as there is a possibility of them exploding in heat. Some external items such as glasses, jewelry etc are removed from the body. After that, the body is placed into a casket or container made from plywood, pine or cardboard.

Cremation chamber or incinerator is preheated to about 1100 degree Fahrenheit. Once required temperature is reached, the mechanized doors open and the container slips into the primary cremating chamber referred to as the retort.

Inside the cremation chamber, the body is subjected to a column of fire. The heat ignites the container, which is made of inflammable material such as cardboard or wood. The soft tissue, muscles and bones are exposed to the heat and the body begins to crumble. It takes about 2 to hours to complete the process of cremation. Approximately 3 to 9 pounds of ashes are produced. Ashes are grayish, coarse material made from the ground up remains of the bones. They are placed in an urn chosen b the family.

Sometimes family members can be present to watch the process.


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