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Knowledge – the Ultimate Goal of Life

What is the meaning of life? I am not talking about spiritual or philosophical aspects of the question. In day to day life, what do we aspire to attain or experience? For some the priority may be to earn abundance of money and for some it may be to experience love and harmony in relationships. Some people may wish to become successful in public life and initiate change. Some people wish to attain Nirvana after death, whereas some people want to create heaven on Earth. Some of us like to contemplate and inquire about deepest secrets of life, its meaning, purpose etc while others may not be even vaguely interested in analyzing such matters. They just want to live moment to moment without long term goals or plans.

There is one common element in all the answers above. And that is we seek the meaning, purpose or goal somewhere outside ourselves or in future. We miss to feel fulfilled and content in present moment. If we take a moment and look within ourselves, it is not so difficult to realize that all the time we hanker to experience something. Life is a series of experiences consisting of feelings, thoughts and sensations. Or we can say life is a vast ocean of consciousness where waves of different experiences such as excitement, attachment, attraction and aversion rise and fall. These life experiences, incidents and events illuminate our intellect and lead us to knowledge. So, the ultimate goal of life is knowledge.

In Sanskrit, it is well said: Gyanam Paramam Dhyeyam. Knowledge is the ultimate goal of life.


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