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Teething Babies, Toy Store and My Baby Store

Teething tots give sleepless nights to their moms. When a child cries during the night, most of the time their mom gets up rather than dad. Sleepless nights make them feel groggy and irritable during the day. Generally teething starts as early as three months or as late as twelve months. Teething is the process when teeth break out through the gums. It is a painful process. Teething symptoms begin 3 to 5 days before the tooth appears. They include swelling and soreness in the gums, excessive drooling, lack of hunger, sleeplessness, crying and mild fever. The process of teething leaves the baby and parents equally exhausted. They need some relief from the sore gums and flushed cheeks. There are some homeopathic medicines available for the symptomatic relief. You can contact some certified homeopathy practitioner for more details.

Today, we have realized that toys are not for entertainment purposes only. They help a child in developing various skills such as hand-eye coordination, mental agility, cognitive skills, speech development, social awareness etc. Toys such as teething necklace may help in teething process. Generally, toys are age specific and parents are constantly under pressure to upgrade the toy collection of their child. Toy in India can be available on rent also. Companies like Rentoy have a huge collection of branded toys which they offer on rent. What happens if your child does not want to part with the rented toy? You have the option of buying it. However, I am not sure how health friendly is the concept of toy renting.

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