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Prominent Real Estate Developers in Bangalore

Real Estate- the growing industry in the world is sure shot boosting many people to invest and earn profits. Mumbai is rich in real estate business whereas Bangalore and Delhi shares the second position. Bangalore is gaining huge commercial success due to its urban development, more employment and other facilities to start off their living in the cleanest city of India. Unlike Mumbai, which is much crowded, Bangalore is a glimpse of sophisticated life full of greenery and fresh air. As the real estate is achieving success, people are ready to invest their heard earned money.

If you’re looking for real estate solution in Bangalore then the list is limitless. You’ve prominent real estate developers like Lotus Group, Prestige Group, Brigade group etc. Lotus group takes care of everything from construction management to building luxury apartments. They are an expert in office building, expensive apartments, villas and factories. Looking for reasonable office space or residential apartment, Prestige group is the name. Spread all across the South India, Prestige group helps you find your dream land with place you decide. Prestige Tranquility and Lotus Boulevard are the most advertized projects.

Brigade Group is famous for apartments and software space in Bangalore. Brigade Metropolis is one of their highly popular projects. Apart from Bangalore, they cover some of the major chunk of South India for cities like Chennai, Chikmagalur, Kochi, Hyderabad, Mysore and others. Before you opt for any real estate developers, look for the amenities, facilities and convenience they provide. Don’t forget to compare different property providers to get the best market price and save few bucks. Happy Home Hunting!


Death – the Ultimate Reality

Two deaths captured media attention this week. One is that of Mr. Bal Thakeray, founder of the Shiv Sena party and another is that of Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, Muslim terrorist gunman.

Mr. Bal Thackeray, one of the most conflict-ridden figures in Indian politics, passed away earlier this week. As per Indian media estimates, around 1.5 million people attended his funeral. Hundreds of thousands of people crammed the streets of Mumbai to have a glimpse of the funeral procession of Mr. Thackeray. The body of Mr. Thackeray was draped in the Indian flag and his eyes were clad with his trademark sunglasses. In 1966, he quit his career as a cartoonist with the daily Free Press Journal to form Shiv Sena, a political organization with a viewpoint that the Marathis have the first right over Mumbai. Mr. Thackeray became controversial in 1992-93 due to alleged involvement of Shiv Sena leaders and party members in organizing attacks on Muslims. Again in 2002 and 2008, he encouraged the Hindus to take a stand against Muslims. However, he was never convicted of any offence related to riots.

“Allah kasam maaf karna. Aisi galthi dobara nahi hogi.,” were the last understandable words spoken by Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab. He was hanged till death on Wednesday morning at Yerwada central prison near Pune. In 2008, Kasab along with other 9 gunmen entered Mumbai by boat carrying automatic weapons and hand grenades. On the night of November 26, 2008, they drastically struck at various locations across Mumbai and killed 166 people using the weapons they carried. Kasab, a baby faced terrorist belonging to a terror outfit LeT, spraying bullets at a crowded Mumbai railway station became the face of the carnage. He was caught alive, whereas the rest of the gunmen were killed during encounters.  At last, he was hanged in secret just days before the fourth anniversary of the attacks. He had no final wishes except that his mother be informed of his death.

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