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Affordable Housing Projects in India

Housing industry in India is growing at a fast pace where property investment has increased from 2% to 10% which depends on factors like demand, locality, projects and amenities. This leads people to invest heavily in property. Due to increase in population in past few years, housing industry has changed widely. If you’re looking for affordable housing projects in India then you may have to face hardship. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Bangalore and other major cities and towns have seen wide increase in property rates and finding an affordable dream home isn’t that easy.

For affordable homes, Vibgyor housing is the answer. Vibgyor is a national brand that provides affordable home solution to people seeking the best property. Vibgyor group is available in major cities in India, which includes Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Andaman, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Raipur and almost all parts of West Bengal. Vibgyor group enjoys the reputation of providing affordable housing laced with excellent facilities you always wished for. Due to heavy demand of property and increasing population, prices are reaching sky-high in many parts of Delhi. Hence, Delhi sites are flooded with small and big construction projects, commercial and residential.

Finding suitable dwelling in crowded city is very difficult. You need a perfect project planner or real estate group to help you find affordable home. Some of the famous sites in Delhi are Defence Colony, Dwarka Sector, Chittaranjan Park, Azadpur, major chunk of New Delhi. If you’re looking for 1 to 2 BHK flats for sale in Delhi, the pricing may range from 28 lakhs to 1 crore. The pricing largely depends on the locality, demand, and amenities. You can move towards North Delhi to buy affordable budget-friendly homes.


Manali and Nainital – Famous Hill Stations in North India

Manali and Nanital are the top-most honeymoon destinations and family vacation spots for winter. The cold weather, picturesque tourist spots and marvelous cuisine make these places exceptionally appealing. Manali is undoubtedly the Switzerland of India, whereas Nainital is known as the Queen of Hills!  Both the places are rich in breathtaking natural beauty and endowed with a number of tourist attractions.

Manali is famous for Rohtang Pass, the famous ancient trade route and Hidimba Temple. Alongside the temple you will find Fun Park, well known for its boat ride. Don’t forget to visit igloo shaped temple known as Bias Kund where river Bias originates, and famous scenic point Solang Valley, also known as Snow Point. Apart from temples and monasteries, there are plenty of activities and adventure sports to enjoy in Manali. Some of them are trekking, skiing, mountaineering and rafting. You can reach Manali through Delhi by flight, road or train. Delhi to Manali tour packages are the most convenient and affordable option to enjoy your vacation in Manali.

Nainital, the Queen of Hills, is famous for its centrally located Naini Lake in the shape of an eye and Naina Devi temple. Nainital is surrounded by snow clad mountains, lush green valleys, forests and lakes. Some of the surrounding places you may like to visit are Kausani, Ranikhet, Anashakti Ashram and Mukteshwar temple. A customized Nanital tour package can cover all the places of your interest. Apart from Manali and Nainital, you can book vacation packages India to enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. Happy Holidays!

Useful Tips to Sell Your House

Selling your house? You can be scammed or trapped by the agents. Selling your house can be profitable, but many times you lose your hard-earned money in the name of agents, commission and mortgage. How to be safe while selling your house is a big question. Here are some home selling tips for your rescue.

The very first thing is to check the authenticity of your agent. Most people nowadays go online to buy or sell different items, which includes property. Hence measure the online strategies of your agent. How your agent has listed your property? Picture gallery highlighting various features of your house is the key to attract more and more people. It is necessary to make your product stand out in crowd and impress buyers.

You can use social media marketing to attract more buyers and connect with them personally. Through the word-of-mouth publicity, you can have more people appreciating your house who would love to buy it.

Sometime the price of a house is comparatively higher than similar houses available in the same locality and with same features. Do your research well and understand the demand and supply in the area where you want to sell your house. Set the price which is negotiable to lure more buyers.

If selling online is not your way then you may go for offline option which includes an agent in the selling process. Agents have lots of buyers looking for properties and your house can be a good option. Agents also give great deals and offers that help you sell your home in Chennai, home in Bangalore or any other parts of India. You can even add discounts, perks to your house sale in Hyderabad or any other major city around India.

Homestay – the Best Option to Experience Authentic India

Homestay is a modernized concept in travel wherein a guest is accommodated in authentic homes. This concept was invented because most people cannot enjoy the authentic feel of the place while staying in a hotel. In homestay, you’re guest of someone where you share personal experiences, build bonds and experience local culture. You are served with authentic food; meet new people, attend rituals, customs and festivities. Homestay is a great option to enjoy your holiday without worrying about outrageous bills of a hotel and its monotonous food. There are people who prefer homestay, will tell you why you should choose homestay over hotel.

Hotels are more or less the same at every other place, same food and same facilities. You hardly meet local people or experience their culture during your hotel stay. But, homestay is altogether different experience. It provides unique accommodation options. You can choose from farm houses, bungalows, cottages or rural huts; options are endless. You can easily look for homestay options online or check with your agent. Some of the homestay options are combined with your tour packages, also. For example you can customize your Delhi Agra tour packages, tour packages Bangalore to experience homestay. You get personalized services, just like staying in at home. Many tourists traveling India prefer homestay in their Indian travel packages.

The idea of travelling different places is to experience local food, roam around, enjoy family dines, interact with people, connect with them and feel the environment. While staying in a hotel, people hardly find local information or the local insights of the place. With homestay option, you have a lot to do from exploring to experience. Your host will tell you every minute detail about the place revealing stories, so that you have something new to carry home. Nothing can beat the home cooked food! You are served with local delights; meals cooked at home full of love.

Latest Trends in Wedding Ghagra Designs

Wedding is one of the important events for a bride and hence she spends months to decide the perfect wedding outfits. She wants to look perfect from hair-do to toe nails; everything should be in sync with the wedding theme and trends. Ghagra Choli, Saree and latest lehenga are always the top-most favorite of bride, but nowadays ghagra is gaining huge popularity.

Contemporary fashion designers have come up with different styles, textures, patterns, design and sequins to make the bridal outfits look glamorous. From celebs to royal weddings, ghagra never goes out of fashion. But, if you’re planning to buy a wedding ghagra, here are some latest trends you should never miss.

Most designers showcase cholis with different lengths, necklines, studded sleeves, strings and other details. To give you more ultra-look, there are many strapless cholis, backless blouses, one-shoulder cholis to complete your modern look.

Gotta Patti style designed in golden, silver or copper shades of zari work at the bottom of ghagra is another highlight of modern ghagra designs. If you’re one of those who love pastel colors or simple zari work on outfits, then designers have something in store for you. Modern bridal outfits are a blend of hard colors contrasting with soft colors giving you freedom to experiment with different color combinations.

The Anarkali day is back in fashion. Ghagra with lots of layers, kalis and volume gives gorgeous royal look. Anarkali ghagra are more comfortable to carry and wear. If you want to get sassy look then break the monotony and try contrasting shades and designs.

Indian Wedding Outfits

Wedding is one of the costliest, prestigious and fun-filled affairs in India. The bride and groom in the best outfits, stage set to perfect, cuisine treat for everyone and gifts delights to happy all, weddings is sure shot happiness for all Indians. In the recent years, due to rapid growth and popularity of fashion design industry, there has been a huge demand for designer outfits. Whether it’s wedding or any other special occasion, people need to look different from others in terms of dressing, style, entire look and jewelry.

As the demand is increasing, designers have introduced perfect wedding outfits for everyone keeping in mind different factors like caste, tradition, religion and culture. From sangeet ceremony to bidai, every outfit is designed to attract the guests and make their wedding day momentous. If you cannot make it big and rushing for outfits in last hours, online shopping can be your rescue.

Catch the latest wedding lehengas wore by famous celebs or ghagra choli for kids and adults all under one roof. Apart from the significant style, if you’re a lover of lehenga choli dress then you can buy budget ghagra choli online from variety of brands and designers.  From sarees to modern styled anarkali, every style is aptly crafted by famous designers to give you the look you dreamed of.

The important criteria of buying the best wedding outfits are proper fitting, color texture, design and pattern. Finally, after selecting the best wedding day outfit, jewelry should be given consideration. Do not go for complete matching, a little imbalance between colors can be a good idea. If your dress highlights the combo of two colors like red and peach then opt for jewelry in golden color with a dash of red twist.

Perfect Winter Care Cosmetics and Personal Care Products for Ladies

Winter is one of the most liked weather in India, but it brings problem for women. If you’re going out for party or looking for a sunny date, you need to load your face with winter care lotions and moisturizers to look flawlessly perfect. As winter season is soaring high, market is loaded with winter care and personal care products. If you’re going out in winter, you need to pack moisturizer, body lotion, lip balm and cold cream. It is vital to take care of your skin while you travel in winter.

There are different options available to buy your best brands and one of the most convenient options is buying cosmetics online India. Before you buy personal care products, look for brand, quality, and value for money. Online cosmetic shops provide vivid range of branded personal care products from whisper sanitary pads to hair care conditioner; you can get anything at your door step at ease.  Personal care products range from cosmetics care, hygiene, hair care, medical essentials and others.

Before you buy any branded products, you should look for quality, trusted reviews and complaints. You can find relevant information regarding the products on fashion websites. Research well before you pay! So all beautiful ladies who want to mesmerize men out there pack your stuff, pin up your hair at best and rock your looks with cosmetics you love. Looking for budget shopping? You can buy cosmetics online from minimum range of 100 to 2500 INR. Isn’t that a great deal? Happy shopping and look good!

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