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Cost of Cremation

Price for cremation is certainly less than that of burial. However, it can vary from place to place and funeral home to funeral home. Cost of cremation can be less if it is arranged directly through crematory. It would be best to locate a funeral home or cremation services in your area and inquire about the pricing information.

For example, in Indianapolis area an average quality casket and vault costs around $4,000. The full cost of traditional funeral with burial including embalming and hearse rental can be in between $10,000 to $12,000. However, Indianapolis cremation services with a small memorial service can cost as little as $1,200. Tacoma cremation services also cost almost same. If you opt for a basic cremation without any memorial services, it may cost around $500.

Total cremation cost includes a number of charges other than basic cremation. Before cremating a body certain paperwork is necessary. Original death certificate and certificate issued by the medical examiner or coroner to release the body for cremation are necessary. To obtain these certificates certain fees are to be paid. Other expenses include cost of casket, transporting the body to the crematorium, removing pacemaker etc, refrigeration charges, and handling charges to the funeral director. Cremation urn and personalization may cost extra.

Sometimes people have to make tough choices while making funeral arrangements of their loved ones.


Cremation Process

It is better to be familiar with the cremation process, if one of your family members has opted for cremation as a final rite. After the death of loved one cremation staff transports the deceased to the cremation facility. As soon as the death occurs in the family, you can contact your local cremation services at cremation Seattle, cremation Tucson or cremation Los Angeles depending on your location. It is mandatory to wait 24 to 48 hours before the cremation process begins. Till then, the body of the deceased is safely placed in a temperature controlled refrigeration unit.

Once necessary approval is obtained either from the coroner or medical examiner, the body is prepared for the cremation. Pacemakers, prostheses and silicone implants are removed as there is a possibility of them exploding in heat. Some external items such as glasses, jewelry etc are removed from the body. After that, the body is placed into a casket or container made from plywood, pine or cardboard.

Cremation chamber or incinerator is preheated to about 1100 degree Fahrenheit. Once required temperature is reached, the mechanized doors open and the container slips into the primary cremating chamber referred to as the retort.

Inside the cremation chamber, the body is subjected to a column of fire. The heat ignites the container, which is made of inflammable material such as cardboard or wood. The soft tissue, muscles and bones are exposed to the heat and the body begins to crumble. It takes about 2 to hours to complete the process of cremation. Approximately 3 to 9 pounds of ashes are produced. Ashes are grayish, coarse material made from the ground up remains of the bones. They are placed in an urn chosen b the family.

Sometimes family members can be present to watch the process.

Cremation Services and Memorial Services

More people in the US are choosing cremation over burial. According to CANA, Cremation Association of North America, cremation was chosen by 42.2%  of deaths in US last year. A traditional funeral may cost anything between $6,000 to $10,000, whereas the cost of a no frill cremation can range between $680 to $4,000. San Pedro cremation services offer great assistance in planning cremation and memorial services. Cost is one reason people choose cremation over burial. Environmental concerns and shortage of land are other reasons to choose cremation. Cremation offers more options to held memorial service. It can be arranged at home or some other venue of choice.

With popularity, the cost of cremation has increased over 40% from 2009 to 2011. However, pre-planning can save you some money. Cremation Fort Lauderdale can help in drawing a cremation plan. Cremation plan can be a hand written signed piece of paper or it can be a formal estate planning document filed with your attorney. It states your desire for cremation and your choice of cremation service provider. It also states your wishes about disposal of cremated remains. A cremation plan records if any advance payments are made for certain services.

As per recent developments, an alderman Marge Laurino has proposed Chicago cemeteries to allow pet cremation services. According to her, people feel close to their pets and some people put them in their wills. So, why not allow them to cremate their pets? If her proposal is accepted, cremation Chicago would be available for pets.

How to Choose Cremation Services

Choosing a right cremation service provider is essential to maintain the dignity and respect of the deceased. Whether you need assistance with drafting an advanced cremation plan or need immediate help with passing away of a relative, your funeral director or staff members should be there to guide and support you. Apart from offering low cost cremation, your service provider should be a member of a recognized professional organization such as CANA.

Before finalizing cremation services check out their credentials and go through the references of the families who have used the facility. If possible, visit a few facilities such as Minneapolis cremation services and find out if they perform their own cremation. If yes, make sure that their facility is technologically up-to-date and operators are certified and trained to operate cremation equipment. You must inquire if there is some time gap between receiving the body and performing cremation.  Find out if they have properly functioning refrigeration facilities to keep the body prior to the cremation.

You must be familiar with the procedure of identification and tracking of the body during cremation and verification of body remains after cremation.  You must ask them about the policy regarding holding of cremated remains and disposing of prosthetics. Professional service providers such as Illinois cremation services can help you with choosing the urn and planning memorial service for a meaningful tribute to the deceased.

Your cremation service provider should adhere to the code of cremation ethics. The code of cremation ethics involves maintaining the atmosphere of respect towards the dead and compassion towards the living with the help of qualified and courteous staff members. The dead of our society deserve to be honored and remembered with love and compassion.

State-of-the-Art Cremation Services

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad describes the process of dying vividly. It says: the brain stops functioning and breathing becomes slow. Prana or life force energy is withdrawn from all the limbs and senses of the body. All the organs cease to function gradually. A dying person cannot see, even if the eyes are open. He cannot smell, taste or hear. Likewise he cannot speak, understand or think. He is not aware of his body, senses or surroundings. All the energies and consciousness gathers up at the heart center. And the soul departs the body as a flash of light. However, the soul may depart from some other body part also such as head, eyes etc. In every culture, certain funeral rites are performed to make sure that the soul reaches the higher realms. We, Hindus, perform funeral rites and cremation ceremonies as prescribed in the scriptures without worrying about the cost of cremation service.

These days, even Westerners prefer cremation to burial. Plenty of cremation service providers across United States of America such as detroit cremation services are available to assist you. Earlier the process of cremation was performed through a crude outdoor pyre. Modern cremations are performed indoors using high-tech cremation furnace. The old procedure was messy, obnoxious and time consuming. Actual fire was used to burn the dead body literally, whereas in modern process, fire does not touch the body. The corpse is consumed by the heat alone. As a result the ashes are not contaminated with other substances.

Cremation services cost much less than the cost of funeral and burial services. It is possible to outline a cremation plan defining your wish for cremation. You can also decide cremation urn, memorial service or individualized tribute of your choice. Funeral director and staff at tampa cremation services can help you with planning and other immediate needs.

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