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State-of-the-Art Cremation Services

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad describes the process of dying vividly. It says: the brain stops functioning and breathing becomes slow. Prana or life force energy is withdrawn from all the limbs and senses of the body. All the organs cease to function gradually. A dying person cannot see, even if the eyes are open. He cannot smell, taste or hear. Likewise he cannot speak, understand or think. He is not aware of his body, senses or surroundings. All the energies and consciousness gathers up at the heart center. And the soul departs the body as a flash of light. However, the soul may depart from some other body part also such as head, eyes etc. In every culture, certain funeral rites are performed to make sure that the soul reaches the higher realms. We, Hindus, perform funeral rites and cremation ceremonies as prescribed in the scriptures without worrying about the cost of cremation service.

These days, even Westerners prefer cremation to burial. Plenty of cremation service providers across United States of America such as detroit cremation services are available to assist you. Earlier the process of cremation was performed through a crude outdoor pyre. Modern cremations are performed indoors using high-tech cremation furnace. The old procedure was messy, obnoxious and time consuming. Actual fire was used to burn the dead body literally, whereas in modern process, fire does not touch the body. The corpse is consumed by the heat alone. As a result the ashes are not contaminated with other substances.

Cremation services cost much less than the cost of funeral and burial services. It is possible to outline a cremation plan defining your wish for cremation. You can also decide cremation urn, memorial service or individualized tribute of your choice. Funeral director and staff at tampa cremation services can help you with planning and other immediate needs.


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