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Useful Tips to Sell Your House

Selling your house? You can be scammed or trapped by the agents. Selling your house can be profitable, but many times you lose your hard-earned money in the name of agents, commission and mortgage. How to be safe while selling your house is a big question. Here are some home selling tips for your rescue.

The very first thing is to check the authenticity of your agent. Most people nowadays go online to buy or sell different items, which includes property. Hence measure the online strategies of your agent. How your agent has listed your property? Picture gallery highlighting various features of your house is the key to attract more and more people. It is necessary to make your product stand out in crowd and impress buyers.

You can use social media marketing to attract more buyers and connect with them personally. Through the word-of-mouth publicity, you can have more people appreciating your house who would love to buy it.

Sometime the price of a house is comparatively higher than similar houses available in the same locality and with same features. Do your research well and understand the demand and supply in the area where you want to sell your house. Set the price which is negotiable to lure more buyers.

If selling online is not your way then you may go for offline option which includes an agent in the selling process. Agents have lots of buyers looking for properties and your house can be a good option. Agents also give great deals and offers that help you sell your home in Chennai, home in Bangalore or any other parts of India. You can even add discounts, perks to your house sale in Hyderabad or any other major city around India.


Homestay – the Best Option to Experience Authentic India

Homestay is a modernized concept in travel wherein a guest is accommodated in authentic homes. This concept was invented because most people cannot enjoy the authentic feel of the place while staying in a hotel. In homestay, you’re guest of someone where you share personal experiences, build bonds and experience local culture. You are served with authentic food; meet new people, attend rituals, customs and festivities. Homestay is a great option to enjoy your holiday without worrying about outrageous bills of a hotel and its monotonous food. There are people who prefer homestay, will tell you why you should choose homestay over hotel.

Hotels are more or less the same at every other place, same food and same facilities. You hardly meet local people or experience their culture during your hotel stay. But, homestay is altogether different experience. It provides unique accommodation options. You can choose from farm houses, bungalows, cottages or rural huts; options are endless. You can easily look for homestay options online or check with your agent. Some of the homestay options are combined with your tour packages, also. For example you can customize your Delhi Agra tour packages, tour packages Bangalore to experience homestay. You get personalized services, just like staying in at home. Many tourists traveling India prefer homestay in their Indian travel packages.

The idea of travelling different places is to experience local food, roam around, enjoy family dines, interact with people, connect with them and feel the environment. While staying in a hotel, people hardly find local information or the local insights of the place. With homestay option, you have a lot to do from exploring to experience. Your host will tell you every minute detail about the place revealing stories, so that you have something new to carry home. Nothing can beat the home cooked food! You are served with local delights; meals cooked at home full of love.

Foodie’s Road Trip to South West India

South West India with Arabian Sea on west boundary covers a number of states. They are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. Each state has distinct culture and diverse cuisine. South West India with its tropical climate and sea beaches is a paradise for a foodie. For most of the south west region in India, rice and fish are the main components of food with abundant use of coconut.

What possibly could be a better way to explore Indian cuisine than a road trip? Today, wide network of buses connect even smallest towns in the interiors of the countries. Besides it is convenient to book online bus tickets using any travel website. You can begin your road trip with Goa by bus.

Goa can be the first destination for a foodie travelling south west region in India. Finger licking Goan curry Pork Vindaloo is a famous dish of Goa. Vindaloo has many Indian versions modified from the original Portuguese dish. Sweet and sour Indian version of the Vindaloo can be made using chicken or lamb, also. The Goan style curry is infused with different spices, ginger, garlic, wine, vinegar and sugar.

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka also known as the garden city, can be next on a road trip. Udupi restaurants in Bangalore are must visit for vegetarian food. Udupi cuisine takes its name from a small town Udupi on the southwest coast of India. The Udupi food is cooked following Satvik Indian vegetarian food tradition without using meat, onion or garlic. Main components of Udupi food are grains, vegetable and fruits without the use of strong spices.

Our next destination on the rout can be Thalassery, a small town on Malabar Coast of Kerala. Thalassery has a rich tradition of delicious food which is a combination of French, Malabari and Arabian cuisine. Most of the Thalassery dishes are cooked in coconut oil without using artificial flavours. Some famous dishes are Kaipola made from banana, eggs and dry fruits, Arikadukka made from mussel fried with rice batter, Money Bag cooked in the shape of a purse using chicken and eggs, Muttamala, an egg dish and many more. Thalassery tickets can be booked easily using Bangalore to Thalasserry bus online booking.

Barde Roadlines is a well known bus operator in west region of India. They connect major cities in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Besides, tickets can be booked with zero booking fees.

Prominent Real Estate Developers in Bangalore

Real Estate- the growing industry in the world is sure shot boosting many people to invest and earn profits. Mumbai is rich in real estate business whereas Bangalore and Delhi shares the second position. Bangalore is gaining huge commercial success due to its urban development, more employment and other facilities to start off their living in the cleanest city of India. Unlike Mumbai, which is much crowded, Bangalore is a glimpse of sophisticated life full of greenery and fresh air. As the real estate is achieving success, people are ready to invest their heard earned money.

If you’re looking for real estate solution in Bangalore then the list is limitless. You’ve prominent real estate developers like Lotus Group, Prestige Group, Brigade group etc. Lotus group takes care of everything from construction management to building luxury apartments. They are an expert in office building, expensive apartments, villas and factories. Looking for reasonable office space or residential apartment, Prestige group is the name. Spread all across the South India, Prestige group helps you find your dream land with place you decide. Prestige Tranquility and Lotus Boulevard are the most advertized projects.

Brigade Group is famous for apartments and software space in Bangalore. Brigade Metropolis is one of their highly popular projects. Apart from Bangalore, they cover some of the major chunk of South India for cities like Chennai, Chikmagalur, Kochi, Hyderabad, Mysore and others. Before you opt for any real estate developers, look for the amenities, facilities and convenience they provide. Don’t forget to compare different property providers to get the best market price and save few bucks. Happy Home Hunting!

Unforgettable Holidays in Karnataka

The modern yet cultural state in India, Karnataka came into picture in 1956. No doubt, the state is rich in its heritage, legacy of temples, immortal culture, celebrations and events. Prominent temples and hordes of tourist attractions set this state unique from others. Explore the lush green scenery, rich culture, wildlife, temples and beaches spread all over Karnataka. One of the top cities in the state is Bangalore-the capital city of the state and cleanest city in India. Bangalore is a must visit city while planning holidays in Karnataka. Mysore-“the city of palaces” is also famous among tourists. Other places of pilgrimage and well-known towns in Karnataka are Sravanbelagola, Sriangapatna, Hampi, Halebid, Belur and many more.

Karnataka is one of the pilgrim states in India with centers such as Udupi and Mookambika. Ancient sculptured temples and places of worship like Jain Basadis, Buddhist temples, Shiva temples, Shakti Sthala, Galageshwara temple, Someshwara temple, Tara Bhagavati temples, Virupaksha Temple and other holy places grab eyeballs. Dive into the divine culture and meet the deities and set your soul free in Karnataka. If you’re planning to pay a visit then reputed travel company would be the best option. Look out for tour packages Bangalore to explore the cleanest city. You’ll find different holiday packages that will make your journey worthy. Roam around and explore the deepest secrets of the state with your loved ones. This place can be exotic for honeymoon and opting for honeymoon tour packages will be an ideal choice. Choosing the best packages is the most critical point and you need to be clear about the tourist attraction you want to visit. Make a list of places and customize your travel packages wisely!

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