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Safe Connect NYC App Review

Safe Connect NYC or SafecoNY is an app specially developed for the construction industry professionals. The main objective of the app is to help construction professionals in maintaining a safe worksite that is compliant with the New York City Department of Buildings rules and regulations. It achieves the objective by connecting the professionals with a central database that provides access to various resources. The database can be used to access inspection logs, hot work permits, building codes and tool box talks. You can also take print outs of study materials.

SafecoNY app provides direct link access to OSHA, DOB, FDNY and DOT. By referring to these links, construction professionals can make sure that their project progresses following the rules and regulations set by the relevant governing agencies. With the help of SafecoNY app any construction project can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Main features of the SafecoNY app

  • Access building information system to view the status of permits required at your jobsite; find out building information number of your jobsite; and check the status of pending violations, if any.
  • Download permit applications and file them after filling them up just by clicking on a link to the NYC Department of Buildings.
  • Take advantage of the hassle free e-filing of the permits required by the Department of Buildings. Get acquainted with the rules and regulations set by the NY governing bodies such as DOB, OSHA, FDNY and DOT.
  • Direct link to the FDNY official site allows you to print or download study material for COF.
  • Print out logs and checklists required to maintain safety and keep hazardous conditions at optimum level on jobsite.
  • Keep your employees updated by handing them out short training materials about specific tasks they are going to conduct during the week.
  • Print out different signs to be used on the construction site to prevent accidents and maintain safety.
  • Maintain material safety data sheets that present information about all the materials and chemical present on the jobsite.
  • Print out Certificates of Fitness issued by the NYC fire department to confirm your ability to manage your construction project safely.

Technical features of the SafecoNY app Availability

SafecoNY app is available for android as well as iOS devices. It requires 4.0.3 and up android versions and 7.6 M memory. It can access your full network and view network connections.


So far, only a few installs have taken place. However, the ratings by the users are encouraging. They find the app very informative and at the same time easy to navigate.

Well designed interface with easy to access shortcuts make the app convenient to use. This is an extremely useful app for the professionals belonging to construction industry.

Content Maturity

Content is easy to understand. The app also provides the option of social networking. You can share pictures of jobsites and locations of risks or hazards throughout the 5 boroughs.

Overall, the app SafecoNY is an easy to use and handy to maintain safety and efficiency at any construction jobsite. It helps to ensure that the work is carried out in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the New York City Department of Buildings and other governing bodies.

Developer Website:

Google Play link:

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Funny Animal Videos

According to a study, more people prefer to watch funny videos online than daily news. Pew Research Center conducted a survey about people’s preferences in watching online videos. The results indicate that news was the second most popular category, while funny videos top the list.

People are looking for something that refreshes their spirit and take them away from the negativity of news. Besides they like to share these happy moments with their family and friends. Ease of uploading and sharing has made funny videos more popular in recent years. Video sharing site You Tube is one of the best sites to upload funny vides and social networking sites like facebook are great to share them.

Among the funny videos category, funny animal videos are huge favorite of the viewers. Animal world is never short of funny moments, and you do not have to go far to look for such moments. If you observe your pets carefully, you may capture plenty of clumsy moments that can be hilarious for the onlookers. Some animals have occasional awkward moments, while some of them are naturally entertaining; and provide great humor through their daily activities.

You may browse through the You Tube and come up with thousands of funny animal videos listed in front of you. You can choose from a variety of funny video clips that ignite laughter. You can select from funny animal babies, funny animal activities, clumsy animals, funny animal dances, funny animal encounters, animals making funny faces and displays. Funny animal videos are not limited to the dogs and cats, you can also find cheeky gorillas, grizzly bear cubs, giraffes, magpies, emus and many more wild animals engaged in humorous activities.

Have you ever wondered why animals are funny? One of the reasons is they are spontaneous and behave without any restrain. Another reason could be because we humans consider ourselves more evolved than animals. So, we laugh at animals since they are not civilized and cannot crack witty jokes. Animals are driven by their impulses and needs. They do not analyze or rationalize before they act.

Even though we have evolved significantly and we are able to regulate our urges and behavior, we carry some animal aspect within us. Some popular terms confirming this notion are animal urges, being beastly, party animals, silly cow or chauvinist pig. So when we notice this hidden animal aspect of our selves in other animals, we laugh.

Animals have their own behavior patterns. When they do not follow these patterns and behave differently, they look hilarious. For example, if they behave like humans, make funny faces, roll their eyes or gaze contemplatively, they generate laughter. If you notice on You Tube, videos about talking animals are the most viewed funny animal videos. Animals acting like human are the most funny.

Some other funny activities animals can be engaged into are doing yoga, having bath, playing with kids, dancing, and making funny noises. Sticking their tongue out or licking can be a symbol of affection for the animals. Some animals lick themselves as a part of grooming. These simple gestures can also be hilarious, if captured at the right moment. During sleep, nobody has control over their body parts. Animals sleeping in awkward position can be funny.

Here are some suggestions for not-to-be missed funny animal videos: dog singing and playing piano, cat eating with a fork, waving bears in Seattle game farm, dog on skateboard, seal screaming like a man, funny animal attacks, head banging horses, dog and parrot fighting, and goose performing happy dance.

Funny animal videos are awesome to watch. They entertain and refresh your mind and spirit.

What Convinced Me to Choose Dr Tony Mork to Treat My Father

My father is a heavy smoker. As a result, he is suffering from cervical degenerative disc disease, which causes him sever neck pain and sometimes stiff neck. Additionally, he has numbness and tingling in his arms, shoulders and neck. Sometimes symptoms are so severe that he cannot sleep during the night and becomes irritable the next day. As the disease was progressing quickly, we realized that it was time to consult a good medical specialist. We tried to find a medical specialist the old fashioned way – by asking around. Soon we realized that there are better ways to find a qualified medical professional then friends’ recommendation.

There are a few quality rating sites for medical professionals that provide all the relevant information about a doctor and patient reviews. These details are immensely helpful to make an informed decision about selecting the right doctor. Even though we are in initial stages of reviewing medical specialists and quality of hospitals, we can find some useful information online by doing meticulous research. While searching for a spine specialist for my father, I came across the reviews about Dr Tony Mork, MD. Some reviews were touching and written by actual patients, while some reviews were discouraging. However, overall rating for Dr Tony Mork is more than 4 stars.

Under the circumstances, I decided to follow my instinct and research further. By exploring deeper, I found out some reviews that gave me a glimpse of Dr Mork as a person and professional. One review says the patient was suffering from multiple fusions in cervical spine and surgery was required. Dr Mork performed 2 surgeries without additional charges and cured her totally. Now, she is off the pain meds and can sleep better. Another review is from a senior citizen who is 73 years now. At the age of 71, he was injured while playing golf and was barely able to walk. Dr Tony Mork performed endoscopic back surgery and he is able to play golf and skipper sailboat. He is perfectly fine and active!

This review convinced me to choose Dr Tony Mork for my father’s treatment.

Simple and Affordable Life Saving Surgery by Dr. Tony Mork Gets the Life Back

In times of medical emergency, patients and their family need reliable information about the experienced and qualified medical professionals for the right diagnosis and cure in timely manner. If some basic information about the physician such as his name, address and telephone number, his experience, success rate and patient satisfaction, and the quality of the hospital is provided through a trustworthy source, it may turn out be a boon.

There are a number of sources available online that can be trusted by the consumers and healthcare professionals alike. Consumers can rely on the reviews posted on these rating sites and medical professional rely on them to represent them correctly. There was a time when we were looking for a qualified medical professional to perform spine surgery on a relative suffering from sciatica and slip disc. We researched a number of rating websites for the medical professionals and came across the reviews about Dr Tony Mork, MD.

We noticed that he has been rated more than 4 stars on all the rating websites. We noticed that some websites provided comprehensive information about his contact details, his education, expertise and qualifications, procedures he performs, conditions he treat, and his hospital affiliations. On some websites patient satisfaction is rated using stars, but patient reviews are not published.

By researching further, we across some honest reviews published by the patients about Dr Tony Mork, MD. In these reviews he has been described as a kind and caring doctor who does not treat his patients as numbers. Some reviews praise his expertise saying that the surgery performed by Dr Anthony Mork provided relief the very next day. One remarkable review that won our heart was by a lady suffering from Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF). She consulted Dr Mork on the phone and the very next day surgery was scheduled. The patient is very happy with Dr Mork as he removed two levels of herniation by performing a simple and affordable surgery. And the best part is she realized that she was perfectly cured as soon as she recovered from the anesthesia.

Honest patient reviews help immensely in finding the right medical specialists in time of emergencies.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Http://

Http:// is an online resource about the x-ray technician degrees and career. The website offers comprehensive information about the x-ray technology, x-ray technician degree schools, X-ray technologist training and certification, jobs and salary. If you aspire to become an x-ray technician or radiology technician and help people by diagnosing injuries or diseases using radiologic techniques, the job profile of an x-ray technician is appropriate for you. To become a qualified x-ray technician, proper training and certification are required. So, why not think about joining x-ray tech schools in VA or radiology technician schools California.

Search for the best x-ray technician schools

To choose an x-ray technician training course, you can browse through the state wise directory of the x-ray technician schools given at the Http:// For example, to find out more about x-ray tech schools in VA click on the link Virginia, you will be directed to a list of colleges and universities that offer various x-ray tech programs in Virginia. You will also find some useful information about licensing requirements in that particular state, job opportunities and salaries for the certified x-ray technicians. Similarly, you can find radiology technician schools California by clicking on the link California.

Career prospects for an x-ray technician

Http:// also provides useful tips for the students who want to pursue the career in radiology. You can place a query at the website and certified x-ray technicians would respond to your query. Career prospects for an x-ray technician or a radiology technician are bright. The state of California is a promising state for the career of x-ray technician. You will find the maximum number of radiology technician schools California and salaries are also good. X-ray tech schools in VA also offer good opportunities for a well paid career.

The career of an x-ray technician is exciting. They are employed by the state hospitals, local hospitals, physicians’ practice and diagnostic laboratories.

Make a Lasting Impression by Presenting Your Confident and Happy Self

Nationally recognized personal stylist is dedicated to bring about a radical change in people’s lives by creating an exquisite look with upbeat vibes. Their clientele include stay at home moms, professionally qualified career women, CEOs and executives. The ardent team of image experts at the personal stylist is passionate about their work. Their main objective is to reveal your true self to the world that is a confident, happy and outgoing. Personal stylist facilitates their clients to look their best by following the latest fashion trends that suit their personality and style. Custom designed style and look make the transition effortless and easy. Their image consultant Keri Blair believes that our confidence is a result of our positive self image. Personalized styling and image at an affordable rate and time efficient manner make the clients feel fulfilled and happy. As a result, they can easily achieve their goals in life.

Mag Alloy Wheels

Mag Wheels is a one stop online destination for all types of Mag alloy wheels in Australia. Mag Wheels through their trusted manufacturers and suppliers Ozzy Tyres features all types of Mag alloy wheel collections. Magnesium alloy wheels also known as Mag alloy wheels are lighter than other alloy wheels made from aluminum or chrome alloys. They are forged from the hot magnesium alloy using one step process. Mag alloy wheels are lightweight and give better acceleration compared to other alloy wheels and hence they are used in sports cars and racing cars. Symmetrical spokes and smooth shiny finish give them appealing looks. Mag alloy wheels are favored by the car enthusiasts as aftermarket equipment due to weight reduction and aesthetic appeal.

Luxury Mag Alloy Wheels

Mag Wheels, trusted partner of Ozzy Tyres, presents a wide range of luxury Mag alloy wheels. Mag alloy luxury wheels are the finest wheels in terms of luxury, durability and style. Some of the luxury brands in Mag alloy wheels featured at the Mag Wheels are Vertini Dynasty, XO Miami, Lorenzo WL036, and Lexani CSS15. Luxury Mag alloy wheels with brave and exciting designs are available with different number of spokes and various finishes. These wheels are befitting for the luxury cars of all makes from European luxury cars to Japanese sports cars.

Sports Mag Alloy Wheels

Mag Wheels having Ozzy Tyres as their trusted manufacturer and supplier, presents an exclusive range of sports Mag alloy wheels. You can also select Mag alloy wheels and tyre packages for your make of sports car. Sports collection of Mag alloy wheels guarantees superb looks and highest performance. The most stylish and exquisite collection of sports Mag alloy wheels includes reputed brands such as XXR, Touchdown and Avant Garde. Sports Mag alloy wheels are designed for specific sports vehicles in multi spoke and lightweight designs.

Custom Mag Alloy Wheels

Mag Wheels with Ozzy Tyres as their trusted supplier provides custom alloy wheels with exact precision, tolerance and highest attention to detail. Custom Mag alloy wheels are offered as aftermarket equipment for a wide range of car models such as SUVs, tuner cars or luxury cars. Their simple yet elegant design and highest performance would make you proud. Whether you are looking for deep dish design or wide rims, whether you prefer one piece cast or specific finish, Meg Wheels is dedicated to fulfill all your custom needs in collaboration with Ozzy Tyres, their trusted partner.  

The online store Mag Wheela having Ozzy Tyres as their supplier, is created to reach out to all the car enthusiasts in Australia. The site provides a wide range of selection in Mag alloy wheels, and wheels and tire packages. It is easy to browse through the collection and place an order online. Meg Wheel with their trusted partner Ozzy Tyre can help you with any query regarding the Mag alloy wheels and their performance. They can also assist you to select the right type of Mag Alloy wheels suitable to your car. Visit Meg Wheels for a great shopping experience and after sales services.

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