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Online Advertising

  1. Pay per click campaign or search engine marketing is a well known example of online advertising. Search engines like google and yahoo allow businesses to place their ad in special top panel or side bar, when search results are displayed. Paid ads are separated out from search results, but they get better exposure. This form of online advertising need extensive keyword research and bidding for targeted keywords. The highest bidder gets the advertising spot. Online advertising can bring traffic to your website, but you have to pay for every click your ad on search gets. With Google Adwords, you can launch your online advertising campaign for as low as $5 per day.
  1. Facebook ad is another form of online advertising. Facebook is no longer a networking site for teenagers. Now, people of all age groups and from all walks of life have a facebook account. They spend substantial amount of time on facebook sharing information and connecting with friends. Facebook ads can be placed for targeted demographics and with social context. As a result they may drive targeted traffic to your website. For online advertising on facebook, you can select between pay for clicks or pay when people see your ad. You can also set your daily budget for online advertising and utilize the traffic facebook brings to your site.
  1. YouTube video ads have recently became popular as online advertising. They can be placed before videos, beside videos in side bar or in search results on YouTube. The media of video is more powerful and it can touch people. Besides using audio and video components, you can represent your business in better ways. As YouTube is accessible on mobile devices also, your ads can reach wider audience. YouTube ads can reach your targeted audience and yield high conversion. Besides, you have to pay only when people watch your ad. YouTube analytics tool is useful to analyze the results of your online advertising campaign.
  1. Banner ads, also known as click through are one of the oldest forms of online advertising. In this type of advertisement, a banner is embedded on a webpage with a link to the advertising website. When someone clicks on the banner and visits website, a small amount of money is sent to the host website. Banner ads are managed by a central ad server. Sometimes websites with high traffic sell their ad space to display banners of other sites or both the websites can display each other’s banners with mutual understanding. Due to visual component, online advertising using banners can be more effective.
  1. Online advertising play an important role in driving targeted traffic to your website. It also encourages healthy competition among businesses and as a result customers get better services. Even small businesses can afford online advertising as you can set your daily budget. As online ads are delivered to only targeted audiences, they are not intrusive or annoying for the audiences. Online advertising generate a small amount of revenue for publishing sites, which offer relevant content for free. And advertising sites benefit from getting targeted audience for conversion. Online advertising is as effective as other traditional forms of advertising such as TV ads, newspaper ads, and radio ads.

Marketing Websites

  1. Marketing websites are built with a specific purpose of supporting your marketing goals. Some of them are built to generate traffic and some of them are designed to build subscriber lists. Search engine optimized websites are easy to find in search. While strategically place email sign up field attracts more visitors to sign up for email subscriber list. Some marketing websites designed in form of forums or blogs to initiate social interaction. Ongoing conversation at forums or blogs provides a platform to promote your business. It also gives credibility to your product when users post positive reviews.
  1. One of the main purposes of marketing websites is to engage their visitors. Marketing websites should be designed in aesthetically appealing manner. The theme and design should be appropriate to the brand or services it is promoting. It should be designed by keeping the target audience in mind. The marketing website should present the company and its core values in appropriate manner. User friendly navigation and harmonious color scheme is another praiseworthy feature of a marketing website. The icons users are likely to click should be placed prominently, so that they grab the attention of the visitors and encourage them to click.
  1. Responsive web design is an innovative approach for marketing websites. Responsive websites are designed in such a way that they adapt according to the devices and screen sizes. Marketing websites with responsive design can reach to larger audience. People can access the website from any device – be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Besides, marketing websites with responsive design can be updated easily. When you update a page, it applies to all the devices. Marketing websites that require frequent updating should have quick and easy website administration tool and powerful content management system such as WordPress, Drupal or Mighty-Site. These features make it easy to update frequently.
  1. The content published on marketing websites should be fresh, bold and informative. It should inspire the visitors to visit again or take action. Marketing websites may change their colors or theme when seasons change. They can also change the look and design more suitable for ongoing promotions. Changing banners or ad layouts also attract more visitors to marketing websites to know more about the products and promotions. Interesting layouts and content of landing pages spark the imagination of the visitors. Marketing websites are constantly changing and evolving concepts, which are designed to engage visitors and encourage them to take action.
  1. Marketing websites that are customer centric rather than company centric are more effective. Customer centric marketing campaigns reduce the anxiety and dilemma among the visitors. Marketing websites should try to balance between the value and cost of the products they are promoting. Those marketing websites that successfully convince the visitors that the product they are promoting is value for money are more successful. Marketing websites that present expert opinions about the products also gain the trust of the visitors. An easy to find, above the fold call to action button with humble and meaningful text on it helps to increase the performance of marketing websites.

Internet Marketing

  1. Whether you are a brick and mortar or ecommerce business, internet marketing is an effective way to boost your sales or promote your services. Today, traditional form of marketing through print, radio or TV is not enough. Many businesses have embraced internet marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy. Internet marketing has many forms; some of them are email marketing and social media marketing. Through email marketing many current and potential customers can be approached. Social media marketing is effective for brand building and generating awareness about the products. The essence of internet marketing is to build a customer base via the internet.
  1. Internet marketing is becoming more and more crucial as most of the customers spend significant amount of time online. It is likely that in near future all the businesses will increase their budget for internet marketing. Internet marketing presents a number of options to promote your brand online. Some of them are building a website, launching email campaigns or setting up social media pages and increasing fan base. Some other forms of internet marketing are search engine optimization, pay per click advertisements, inbound marketing and display advertising by placing banners and ads on other websites. Affiliate marketing is also one form of internet marketing where affiliates are paid for directing paying customers.
  1. Website or blog configuration is an important aspect of internet marketing. While setting up your website or blog consider your target country and target audience. Selecting a domain name and type is the next step. You should decide if you are going to purchase a domain name with .com, .net or .org extension. You can also select country specific extension such as Website of blog created for the purpose of internet marketing requires a strong content management system, as they may need frequent updating. Website and blog configuration for internet marketing require a lot of technical decisions making involving domain name registration, hosting platform, servers type, data back up and many more.
  1. Keyword analysis is an essential part of the internet marketing strategy. The success of internet marketing depends on choosing the right set of keywords. As a part of keyword analysis, you must find out what keywords your clients are using to search for your product. It is possible that some keywords are vastly used by the customers and some of them are used not so often. It is likely that your competitor is also targeting highly used and most popular keywords. So, your internet marketing strategy depends on selecting the right set of keywords and using them for advertising campaigns.
  1. Target keywords are fundamental to PPC campaigns. They can be used for content optimization, also. If you believe that attracting more visitors to your website through search engines is a prolific internet marketing strategy, then you must spend some time on content optimization. Optimize your content using the target keywords and attract more clients through search engines. Other than text, you can also use keyword optimized images and videos for the internet marketing purposes. Once you develop optimized content, you would want it to reach maximum number of people. Content syndication is the best way to deliver your content to many people.


1. Advertising is a method of promoting your products or services through various forms of media including print, radio and TV. Generally, advertising is a paid form of promotion. Ads are placed at strategic locations where people will notice them instantly. Advertisers also make sure that the ads reach to the relevant and targeted audience. Commercial businesses, professionals, non profits and even governments – all of them try to benefit from advertising. Some of them promote their products and some endorse their services. non profits and governments use advertising for a cause or to spread awareness. Without advertisements world would be a boring place to live.

2. Online advertising is latest form of advertisements. These ads are displayed online on search engine results, websites, emails, social networks and many other places on the internet. A true ad appears in front of the right audience at the right time and place. Ads should be tempting enough to click on them. The most well placed ad is of no use, if nobody clicks on them. Similarly, if beautifully made ad is placed in such a way that nobody can see it, then the talent and efforts to make this ad are wasted. So, for a successful advertising campaign, content and context are equally important.

3. To launch a successful advertising campaign across all the formats and channels, accurate data are required. Only high quality data can help to decide when, where and how to launch an ad, so that it can deliver the best user experience and drive targeted traffic. Creative, powerful and dynamic ad campaigns can be developed with the help of correct set of data. Such advertising campaigns deliver the greatest conversions. The most effective advertising campaigns are those, which utilize all the mediums including text, video, audio, images and infographics. In depth unique content can engage the audience and drive traffic.

4. Every business, small or big, benefits from advertising. However, the key component to a successful ad campaign is the answers to some basic questions such as who, what, why, when, where and how much. Before releasing your ads, assess overall market and find out your specific niche. Pinpoint your target audience within your niche. Device a strategy to promote your brand based on pricing model. Do some research about your competition and how to tackle them. Set your advertising budget and plan a schedule to release them. Once your campaign is launched, don’t neglect to track the success. Measure the success of your adverting efforts and make necessary changes for the subsequent campaigns.

5. Advertising is about connecting with people, encouraging them to react or interact and convert them into paying customers. Advertisement should reflect the content that people want to consume. Advertisements that create value and remind the audiences their memorable moments strike a chord with their audiences. Timing is also important as people have to work. So, while pitching a product or service make sure that people have time to pay attention. In fact, advertising should not sound as selling; it should feel like sharing an experience or an exchange of information. Advertising should deliver right content at right time on right platform.

Ad Agency

  1. Traditional emerging media has changed world of advertisements. Ad agency no longer functions in old and antiqued mode. They have to learn how cater to the new generation of internet savvy, smartphone and tablet wielding populace. Soon their target audience would embrace smart watches, Google glasses and other wearable technology. Ad agency never faced so many challenges at the same time in the past. Ad executives are continuously busy thinking about better ways to engage with the audience. Penetration of internet, widespread popularity of mobile devices and technological advances in video marketing has brought about some radical changes in the way an ad agency functions.
  1. Sometimes businesses are under the impression that they do not need any help from an ad agency, as their innovative and extra ordinary products will sell by themselves. However, they are totally mistaken. Every business needs brand identity. An ad agency can help them develop their brand identity. Avoid any ad agency that promises you larger-than-life results, but do not shun an agency who can deliver a concrete plan to achieve your targets over a period of time. Before hiring any ad agency, check out their creative staff. After all advertising is all about creating aesthetically pleasing and meaningful content that touches audience’s heart.
  1. Today, almost any ad agency need a competent digital copywriter as online advertising is highly in demand. However, what skills do you look for in a digital copywriter? A digital copywriter writes for an audience whose attention span measures in seconds. They are young, impatient and distracted. So, it is a challenge for a digital copywriter working with an ad agency to write succinctly and grab the attention of the audience. A copy that is original and targets its audience with precision is appreciated. According to an ad agency creative director,” Less is always more” is a good advice for a digital copywriter.
  1. In the past decade, the world of advertisements has changed drastically. Today, an ad agency has bigger challenges in front of it. Now, advertising has become consumer centric rather than brand centric. Today brands no longer wish to reach or talk about impressions of their ad, rather than they aspire for consumer engagement and conversation with their customers. Social media outreach has changed the concept of marketing and advertising. As a result, an ad agency also needs to adapt with changing expectations and aspirations of the emerging brands. Advertising industry mavens may not appreciate all the changes in the world of advertisements, but an ad agency has to embrace the changes.
  1. Smartphones and social media have fundamentally changed the way an ad agency works. As the technology evolves and client expectations change, ad agency will also evolve with changing times. These changes may affect campaign costs and staffing trends. Ad agencies may need staff who can manage multiple tasks of a campaign. As a result they may hire more generalists and multi-takers than specialists and people who can work on multiple platforms. An ad agency with phenomenal success in managing social media campaigns is going to be more in demand. As a result, increase in demand for community mangers, message posters, Photoshop editors and creative writers.

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