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The Best Cleaning Products for Hardwood Floors

Recently we shifted in our new home. It is a spacious two storey house with plenty of natural light and hardwood flooring on the ground floor. Though I prefer carpeting for bedrooms and TV and entertainment room, I like hardwood flooring for the living space. I cherished the dream of having a living room with hardwood floors covered with area rugs and traditional style furniture. Finally, my dream has come true and I am very excited about it.

Cleaning routine for hardwood floors

Hardwood floors have unique aesthetics and particular cleaning requirements. You need to follow daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routine to keep your hardwood floors clean, sparkling and protected. Daily dusting or sweeping with a microfiber cloth keeps your hardwood floors free from dust, dirt and household allergens. However, weekly cleaning with wet mops and good quality hardwood floor cleaner is essential to keep the spot free and germ free.

A big no no for hardwood floors

Generally, people may suggest using a mix of water and vinegar to clean your hardwood floors, but let me tell you, it will only dull the finish of your favorite hardwood floors. You must also avoid soap based cleaners, steam cleaner and excessive use of water, which may cause long term damage to your hardwood flooring. Today, I would like to suggest the best cleaning products for hardwood floors.

The best cleaning products for hardwood floors

1. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner: this eco friendly and non toxic cleaner is suitable for all types of hardwood floors. Its residue free, ready to use formula makes the cleaning quick and hassle free. It can be used on sealed wood floors, laminate floors and no wax floors. When you have toddlers or pets playing around the house, this is the safest product to use.
2. Libman Hardwood Floor Cleaner: if you are looking for a cost effective option to get rid of all the scuff marks and soil from your hardwood floors, Libman hardwood floor cleaner is the best choice. You can buy a gallon size bottle to save extra money. Use it with Freedom spray mop, also made available by the Libman, for clean, shiny hardwood floors.
3. Pledge Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Pledge offers two products to clean hardwood floors. One is Pledge FloorCare Wood Squirt and Mop and another is Pledge FloorCare Wood Trigger. Both the products are ready to use and can be sprayed directly from the bottle to the floor. You can spray it on 3’X3’ area and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the process for the entire room.

Become worry free by using the the best cleaning products

Hardwood floors are a great investment and you need to protect them from harsh chemicals and excessive use of water. Besides, shoe marks, accumulated dust and spilled liquids etc require regular cleaning and maintenance. The best cleaning products for hardwood floors not only keep them clean and spot free, but also prolong their lifespan and durability. So, choose right products and keep your hardwood floors spick and span.


Buy Organic Food Online in India

As people in India are becoming increasingly aware about the harmful effects of chemicals and fertilizers used in growing food and manufacturing cosmetics, clothing and other household items, they prefer organic products and food items. Organic food is produced without using harmful pesticides and chemicals. A number of online grocery shops in India offer organic food items, organic personal care products such as skin care lotions and hair care products, cosmetics, healthcare products, clothing and baby care products.

Organic food online includes certified commodities like pulses, condiments, spices, minto fresh, dry fruits, nuts, edible oils, pastas, and many other such items meeting the excellence. Not left behind in the list are puja items such as incense sticks, organic ingredients for women and various brands of baby products. The whole range of authenticated commodities varying from Ragi flour to premium quality oat-meals are supplied to your families, so that they can stay healthy and strong. Some of the reputed online grocery portals are Natural Mantra, Farm2Kitchen, Down2Earth, GreenNGood, MyGreenKart etc.

The trend is slowly catching spark in India. Educated and young couples in India are choosing sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle. They choose to buy authentic, GMO free organic food produce and other eco-friendly items online. People are willing to pay up to 20% more for authentic organic products thanks to spreading awareness about health benefits of such products. Online grocery shops offer finest farm merchandizes meeting International standards at reasonable prices. Online grocery shopping experience is absolutely amazing. You can buy best grocery and connoisseur foods with complete ease. You just have to place your order via phone or through website and your order is delivered absolutely free at your doorstep.

One-Stop Online Shop to Buy Affordable Grocery

Increasing grocery prices shake your monthly budget? Most of us people face rising price issues and finding solution to this is difficult. Well, not now! Today, online market is filled with plenty of options to buy grocery at cheapest. The market is growing by leaps and bounds. From rice to soaps, fresh veggies to branded products, you’ll get everything under one roof.

If that’s not all, then you’ll get offers, discounts and payback points every time you shop online. No matter you wish to eat Biryani, and if you need to gather the entire ingredients then online grocery shopping is must for you. From moving your vegetable trolley to moving cursor, technology has removed the tedious process. It is tiresome for people to go various places to buy grocery stuff every now and then.

Online grocery shopping is a perfect solution for those who live a hectic life and want to try something innovative. You’ll get everything online from searching the best discounted Raindrops Basmati rice to searching for affordable almond price in India. No grocery product is left behind. Branded products and local products are listed well to avoid confusion giving you space to enjoy hassle-free online shopping.

You like energy drink but finding its price, brand and market is a challenging task. Switch to online shopping and find the best energy drink market in India with much ease. You save time, money and effort and because of this most people are opting for online grocery shopping. It’s a wisest option available, come and join the community.

Grocery Shops India

According to a report by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India and Yes Bank, local Kirana Shops selling grocery account for 68% of the total value of groceries sold in the country. These shops are sometimes even smaller than 400 square feet. They often sell grocery on credit. High end departmental stores and super markets have small chunk of market share. Online grocery shops in Hyderabad have tiniest market share.

Organized multi brand retail sector is slowly developing in metropolitan cities. Swelling middle class and growing incomes attract foreign investors to invest in India’s retail sector. However, the local shops are still thriving with the business. One of the reasons behind their success is they are easy to access. Most of the time, you find them at the corner of the street. They also offer customized services as they know their customers personally. The quality of the goods can be checked, if it is good or not, as the goods are not pre-packed. To purchase small items such as Boro Plus creams or Nestle chocolates, people do not want to go all the way to the malls.

Online grocery shops are slowly picking up in metropolitan cities in India. Some of them tie up with the local Kirana stores for home deliveries in their areas. You can place your order online and select a shop in your area. They will deliver goods at your doorsteps. To promote their services, some online grocers even offer discount up to 60%. Some of them offer cash on delivery options and no questions asked return policy.

Online Grocery Shopping in India

According to Technopak, food and grocery market in India accounts for more than two thirds of total retail market. However, food and grocery e-tailing accounts for less than 1% of total Indian e-tailing. Online grocery shopping is slowly picking up in Indian metros.  Urban consumers find it convenient and cost effective in their busy lifestyle. Urban shoppers are young, educated and money-wise. They are willing to experiment and try out new options. Generally, online shoppers are looking for bargain prices or promotional deals. They make bulk purchases using staples online shopping, if they find some good offer. They are also prone to make impulse purchases. Attractive display and media promotions have contributed to the impulse purchases of breakfast cereals, chocolates, noodles, pasta, snacks, biscuits etc.

Well designed and well organized online shopping websites such as online grocery Hyderabad can increase the sales of certain branded products and premium products. Earlier, food staples such as rice, wheat, pulses, oil etc were purchased from the neighborhood grocery stores. Now, these staple foods, packaged properly by reputed brands, can be purchased online. Health conscious consumers have a number of choices in buying premium products such as whole wheat atta, refined edible oils, fatfree butter, health products, liquid soaps, floor cleaners etc. An online grocer can offer the best available brands and products in the market. They can also spread awareness about what foods are healthy and nutritious and how to make informed decisions by going through the product details given on their labels.

You can find a few mobile applications to prepare your online grocery lists. These apps provide nutrition information about different foods. They can help choosing right products that meet your unique requirements. Using these apps you can also compare prices online and shop smarter.

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