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Health Benefits of Fresh Fruits, Green Tea, Chocolate

It is always said eat healthy, be healthy. But, sometime we resort to fatty fast food that imbalance our entire lifecycle. Doctors always advice to eat healthy food, which includes fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, green tea for losing weight, but lately chocolate has gained place among healthy food. Why do doctor suggest chocolate in your diet? Each of these food is healthy in different ways. Research has shown that “Polymeal” consisting of dark chocolate, fruits, vegetables, almond, green tea and garlic could increase the life expectancy of males and females by seven and five years respectively.

Dark chocolate is a good alternative to sugary chocolate. It has proven to lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure. If you want to uplift your mood, eat dark chocolate daily. Dark chocolate has plenty of antioxidants that reduces unstable molecules and stable your body balance. Cadbury chocolate is the top-most favorite among kids and grownups. If you are looking for a good brand of dark chocolate, try Bourneville. Green tea is undoubtedly an organic tea that helps to reduce weight and reduces saturated fatty acid in the body. It helps to lower the chances of cancer and cardiovascular diseases for those who smoke heavily. Green tea is beneficial in many different ways. It not only fights cancer but also reduce rates of diabetes, cholesterol, dental problems and liver diseases. You can buy green tea online of authentic brands to avoid getting scammed. Though, it is proven that it increases metabolism, be cautious of contaminated product. If it’s fresh, it is healthy!

Diet full of fresh veggies and fruits help protect against cancer, reduce the danger of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Orange is a good source of Vitamic C and essential nutrients. Fruits which are rich in potassium are good to avoid kidney stones; decrease bone loss and lower blood pressure. Buy good quality sour and sweet fruits from fruit shop to have a healthy and fit life.


Foods That Make You Smarter

Healthy living is one of the key factors to enhance your lifestyle. Nutrition, well-balanced diet and smarter food really affect your brains, which can eventually make you smarter. If you fall prey to such foods then you can be the next Einstein. Let’s start with the food that can actually make you smart nerd.

Nuts: Nuts are the richest smarter food of all. Rich in Vitamin E, amino acids and Omega 3 fatty acids, nuts helps to reduce stress and increases serotonin levels. Further, it helps to prevent cognitive decline and boost your mental magnitude. Some of the richest dry fruits online are almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, and many more.

Tomatoes: An anti-oxidant treasure for everyone. It helps to protect you from radical damage. Tomatoes are most famous among women as they give you fairer and clear skin. This is one of the best ingredients in salad that works as antioxidant for entire blood circulation.

Green Tea: A secretive food to lose weight and combat stress level. Though it’s bitter, but green tea stores lot of advantages for everyone. Most famous to reduce fats in your body, it also rejuvenates your body. Green tea India is a medical gift to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Black Tea is also very essential to combat much illness. A good green or black tea made in mineral water without adding extra fats as in milk is more beneficial.

Nuts soaked overnight in good mineral water brands and eaten in the morning are much advantageous then eating them raw. The other smarter foods are orange, which is rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Folic acid, dark chocolate increase blood flow, soy, broccoli, blueberries, fatty acids and others. Eat healthier, be smarter!

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