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Half Sleeves Cotton T Shirts for Kids

As spring turns in to summer, your kid is ready for the outdoor adventures. If you are looking for a trustworthy companion in clothes for all the sunny adventures, half sleeves cotton t-shirt is the end of your hunt. Cute t-shirts available in cool colors and appealing graphics are made from top quality, soft and comfortable cotton appropriate for warm weather.

Versatile and Multi-Purpose Kids T-Shirts


Duke Half Sleeves Red Color Designer Hood T-Shirt For Kids

Wear these casual and versatile t-shirts on beach or at home, during day or night. Lightweight and moisture absorbent t-shirts are ideal while relaxing or playing games. Half sleeves cotton t-shirts are apt for all seasons. They are perfect for everyday use in spring and summer thanks to their breathable cotton fabric. You can also wear them as a base layer under the sweater during chilly winters. You can even dress up your kid in these cool t-shirts for school.

Planning a weekend get away with your family? Don’t forget to pack attention grabbing, cheerful t-shirts with playful prints and colorful graphics for your kid to set the holiday mood. Enjoy your stroll on a beach or go sightseeing; participate in treasure hunt with your kid or play hide and seek. Enjoy your holiday in playful and happy look. Half sleeves cotton t-shirts can easily be converted from playwear to nightwear. Pull over style, relaxed fit t-shirts are agreeable to wear as a sleepwear, too. Their 100% soft, cotton construction is soothing for the tender and sensitive skin of a kid.

Style Your T-shirt for a Rockstar Look

Bon Organik Ringling Bros Cool Half Sleeves Blue Color Polo T-Shirts

Attractive and colorful half sleeves t-shirts featuring cool graphics and playful print can be paired easily with denim, cargo pant or shorts. Wear them under a hoodie, button down shirt or pair them with pajamas. Pair them with black or blue regular jeans or denim for a stylish look. Put on a hoodie or denim jacket for smart look on a breezy evening. Get adventurous look by teaming the t-shirt up with cargo pants. A cute pair of sneakers completes the look.

Soft, cotton t-shirts are great for layering. Wear them as base layer under the button down shirt for a playful look. Your kid will look adorable when you accessorize the outfit with an attractive pair of sunglasses and a clean-up cap or a baseball hat. Half sleeves cotton t-shirt for kids with peppy print is perfect for lounging or sleeping. Lounge around in this snug t-shirt by pairing it with plaid shorts, twill sorts or cargo shorts. Mix and match this comfy t-shirt with twill pants, sweat pants or pajamas for a good night’s sleep.

Words Say It All!

Cucumber Kids Beach Boys Must Have It Print

Half sleeves cotton t-shirt with playful print “Beach Boys Must Have” reflects the lighthearted version of statement t-shirts, immensely popular in 80’s as a symbol of personal expression. Although t-shirts were used to promote consumer products by well known brands such as Coca Cola and Mickey Mouse since 1970’s, they became a massive success among the youth to voice their personal message during 1980’s.

In 80’s, oversized tees with printed slogans, personal expressions or promotional messages were hip. One of the famous examples of statement t-shirts is Frankie Says collection designed by Paul Morley to promote the pop group “Frankie Goes to Hollywood.” British journalist turned music producer created a milestone in the history of statement t-shirts with huge success of promotional t-shirts with the message “Frankie Says Relax.”

So, what are you waiting for? Go shopping with your little dude and stock up his wardrobe with cool, half sleeves cotton t-shirts.


Latest Trends in Wedding Ghagra Designs

Wedding is one of the important events for a bride and hence she spends months to decide the perfect wedding outfits. She wants to look perfect from hair-do to toe nails; everything should be in sync with the wedding theme and trends. Ghagra Choli, Saree and latest lehenga are always the top-most favorite of bride, but nowadays ghagra is gaining huge popularity.

Contemporary fashion designers have come up with different styles, textures, patterns, design and sequins to make the bridal outfits look glamorous. From celebs to royal weddings, ghagra never goes out of fashion. But, if you’re planning to buy a wedding ghagra, here are some latest trends you should never miss.

Most designers showcase cholis with different lengths, necklines, studded sleeves, strings and other details. To give you more ultra-look, there are many strapless cholis, backless blouses, one-shoulder cholis to complete your modern look.

Gotta Patti style designed in golden, silver or copper shades of zari work at the bottom of ghagra is another highlight of modern ghagra designs. If you’re one of those who love pastel colors or simple zari work on outfits, then designers have something in store for you. Modern bridal outfits are a blend of hard colors contrasting with soft colors giving you freedom to experiment with different color combinations.

The Anarkali day is back in fashion. Ghagra with lots of layers, kalis and volume gives gorgeous royal look. Anarkali ghagra are more comfortable to carry and wear. If you want to get sassy look then break the monotony and try contrasting shades and designs.

Indian Wedding Outfits

Wedding is one of the costliest, prestigious and fun-filled affairs in India. The bride and groom in the best outfits, stage set to perfect, cuisine treat for everyone and gifts delights to happy all, weddings is sure shot happiness for all Indians. In the recent years, due to rapid growth and popularity of fashion design industry, there has been a huge demand for designer outfits. Whether it’s wedding or any other special occasion, people need to look different from others in terms of dressing, style, entire look and jewelry.

As the demand is increasing, designers have introduced perfect wedding outfits for everyone keeping in mind different factors like caste, tradition, religion and culture. From sangeet ceremony to bidai, every outfit is designed to attract the guests and make their wedding day momentous. If you cannot make it big and rushing for outfits in last hours, online shopping can be your rescue.

Catch the latest wedding lehengas wore by famous celebs or ghagra choli for kids and adults all under one roof. Apart from the significant style, if you’re a lover of lehenga choli dress then you can buy budget ghagra choli online from variety of brands and designers.  From sarees to modern styled anarkali, every style is aptly crafted by famous designers to give you the look you dreamed of.

The important criteria of buying the best wedding outfits are proper fitting, color texture, design and pattern. Finally, after selecting the best wedding day outfit, jewelry should be given consideration. Do not go for complete matching, a little imbalance between colors can be a good idea. If your dress highlights the combo of two colors like red and peach then opt for jewelry in golden color with a dash of red twist.

Perfect Winter Care Cosmetics and Personal Care Products for Ladies

Winter is one of the most liked weather in India, but it brings problem for women. If you’re going out for party or looking for a sunny date, you need to load your face with winter care lotions and moisturizers to look flawlessly perfect. As winter season is soaring high, market is loaded with winter care and personal care products. If you’re going out in winter, you need to pack moisturizer, body lotion, lip balm and cold cream. It is vital to take care of your skin while you travel in winter.

There are different options available to buy your best brands and one of the most convenient options is buying cosmetics online India. Before you buy personal care products, look for brand, quality, and value for money. Online cosmetic shops provide vivid range of branded personal care products from whisper sanitary pads to hair care conditioner; you can get anything at your door step at ease.  Personal care products range from cosmetics care, hygiene, hair care, medical essentials and others.

Before you buy any branded products, you should look for quality, trusted reviews and complaints. You can find relevant information regarding the products on fashion websites. Research well before you pay! So all beautiful ladies who want to mesmerize men out there pack your stuff, pin up your hair at best and rock your looks with cosmetics you love. Looking for budget shopping? You can buy cosmetics online from minimum range of 100 to 2500 INR. Isn’t that a great deal? Happy shopping and look good!

Reinvent Yourself with Glamorous and Contemporary Salwar Kameez

Over the period of time, plain and simple salwar kameez, traditional Indian attire, has transformed into glamorous and versatile fashion statement. Western influence on style combined with ethnic colors and fabrics creates a stunning outcome. Contemporary salwar kameez are laced with Resham, Zari and Gota. Some of them are embellished with artistic stone work. Online fashion websites now make them available globally.

Today’s dress designers take inspiration from the Bollywood film industry and come out with gorgeous salwar kurta designs for women. Designer salwar kameez in Chiffon, Georgette or net look eye catching and spectacular in style and looks. They transform any plain Jane into glamorous Diva. Cotton salwar kameez in ravishing colors and with intricate embroidery are highly in demand among foreigners visiting India. They are also exported in huge quantities abroad.

Patiala salwar kameez in vibrant color-contrasts are hot favourite among youngsters. The unusual, yet most popular color combination today is deep magenta pink with yellow in Patiala style salwar kameez. Contemporary salwar kaeez are comfortable to wear and stylish in looks. They are stitched using the best quality fabrics and outstanding craftsmanship. They can give complete makeover to your looks. In spite of being a modest dress, salwar kameez can make you look most elegant. Besides, it can be worn by all age groups customized as per their choice.

This winter, reinvent yourself with trendy looking Anarkali suits, Patiala suits, Lucknowi suits, Shrewani suits, Churidar suits, or suits with asymmetrical kurtas. Personify your style and make a fashion statement.

Best Beauty Products for Men

These days, men are equally conscious about their looks and physique as ladies. They want to look electrifying standing next to their partners. With growing awareness, many brands have launched a wide range of skin care, hair care and cosmetic products for men. Now, men can buy specialized soaps, shampoo, hair care products, skin care lotions, shaving creams, anti-wrinkle products, deodorants etc. Even the advertisements of toothpastes such as Dabur Red toothpaste are shown in full swing in men’s context.

However, no lipstick or eyeliner is advertised, all the measures are taken to make men look clean and healthy round the clock. Undoubtedly, time has changed! Most of the departmental stores, pharmacists and online cosmetics India display men’s cosmetics on exclusive shelves.

Men have 20% thicker skin than ladies. For this reason, a huge collection of cosmetic items is manufactured specially for men based on their rough and thick skin types.  Men’s lotions, cleansers and sunscreens are stronger with high level of pH compared to that of ladies. They are specially formulated to penetrate deep into the pores for effective results.

Logically speaking, there is no best soap for men as the right choice of soap depends on men’s skin types. Some soaps work best for combating dry skin, while some are formulated for oily skin. The main aim is to keep the skin spotless, fresh and dirt- free. Different soaps have varying levels of purifying grains with different levels of moisture in it. Whatever be the brand, the outcome should be a feeling of freshness and lightness after using a beauty product.

Design It Yourself (DIY) at Cbazaar

It is always strange to find people wearing dresses similar to you and you can’t help it. Imagine, you look stunning wearing that beautiful dress at the party and your colleague enters wearing that same dress as you. You no longer feel to enjoy the royalty of being perfect and unique. It is simply devastating. You share the same compliment with the person who is in cloth-relation to you! To avoid such disasters and add a twist to your shopping online, you can use Design It Yourself feature at Cbazaar. The patterns, textures, design and moreover the minute details can be designed by you.

Design It Yourself at Cbazaar gives freedom to its customer to design their own clothes. You can easily customize men’s kurta, women’s dresses and sarees as per your choice. Now you can look beautiful, yet different from others. Indulge into Design it Yourself (DIY) feature made available for end users. You can participate in designing and making of beautiful dresses for your special moments and occasions.

Every woman wants her outfits to be specially designed for her. Women love to involve themselves in each and every stage of designing process from choosing the fabric, color, pattern and style to embroidery. Even small details of attire are important to brighten up your special occasion. As of now, customers can design their wedding lenhengas and other wedding wear at Cbazaar. You can get saree images and design your favorite saree as per your wish. Apart from this, you can also have a look at elegant suit design, designer sarees and other ethnic wears for special moments in life. This unique feature at Cbazzar gives an opportunity to unleash that dress designer in you!

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