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Hobbies for Kids

Indentifying and nourishing your kids hobbies is a challenging task. It is necessary for kids to inculcate hobbies that benefit them in numerous ways. Hobbies build self-esteem, increase their creativity and enhance talent. Parents should encourage kids to get into hobbies to help them acquire basic skills and develop intellectual and mental growth.  Some good hobbies for kids include reading, writing, drawing, photography, dancing, singing, the list is endless. Finding your kids hidden talent is your task. Internet is full of information for kids who like to enhance their talent and make a name in the world. For kids who love reading, parents can buy different types of books for them.

You can even ask your kid to write a story and you can enhance it later. This will increase their imagination and reading power. Some parents find hobbies just a way to pass time but that shouldn’t be the case. There are several benefits of inculcating hobbies and some of them help you in professional experience. For reader fanatic, you can opt for interactive books made to keep kids engrossed. Interactive books are designed for the kids aged 3 to 5 years to play and learn using interactive learning concepts.

Interactive books encourage children to identify colors, puzzles and games and imaginative ideas. This adds education with fun every time. Science of Sound book for kids keeps your kid immersed using different sounds that introduce new things in interesting way. It is a right way to develop child’s interest and passion for subjects such as science, mathematics and other fact-based topics. Touch book for kids is another versatile way to learn new things. Children’s touch interactive play is ideal for growing babies.


Kids Art and Craft Supplies

Kids have developing minds and they tend to grasp knowledge with ease. It is necessary to maintain a healthy environment to make your kid prosper. One of the easiest ways to fill your kids mind with creativity and fun is arts and crafts activities. There are dozens of kids’ arts and crafts supplies available in the market. You just need to understand the X-factor of your kids and nourish them. For example, some kids are more enthusiastic about painting and drawing still life. Hence parents need to understand their kids’ capabilities and cherish them as and when required.

There are different types of drawing interests among kids, which include painting with charcoal, pastel colors, sketch pens, oil paint and crayons. Sketch pens are used mainly to outline or highlight the border lines of objects in a drawing. For kids between 3 to 5 years of age, there are drawing kits available with colors and design books. Painting for kids is simpler and your kids are kept engrossed in healthy activity as always.

If your kids are interested in making crafts then you can engage them in this versatile and creative activity. Small kids can make different craft items to beautify home and their rooms. Some of them include wall hangings, sparkle shaped designs for walls or collage. For the sake of their kids, parents should use products which are highly safe and recommended for kids. You need baby scissors so that they do not cause harm to their body parts. The bottom line is to keep your kids safe yet help them enhance their creative abilities.

Baby Care and Baby Development

All round development of their child is the main concern of the parents. Their three main concerns are diet, activities and behavior. These three child care issues are very important for a child’s all round growth.

Eating right is important for a child to be healthy and happy. Baby food diet guidelines are never easy to follow, as each child is unique and reacts differently to different food. It is found that more than 40% of children are overweight. Healthy homemade baby food is the best for your child’s all round development. Homemade squash, perfectly cooked lentils, boiled vegetables such as carrot and beans, mashed fruits such as apple and banana are packed with nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, fiber, iron and calcium. These food items are easy to prepare and tasty to eat.

Properly fed baby is active and happy. She is willing to play and participate in various activities. Parents can help their child develop fine motor skills by encouraging her to perform various activities such as drawing and scribbling, filling up and emptying a container with toys, stacking, sorting or stringing colorful blocks etc. Simple activities such as dressing and undressing or pinching and poking can help developing fine motor skills in a child.

Proper sleep is also important for growth and development of a child. Create a perfect sleep environment in your child’s room. A baby’s nursery or a child’s room should be peaceful and quiet with cool temperature and attractive décor. You can decorate it with Disney princess wallpapers or Disney fairies wallpapers. Perfect sleep environment, comfy bed and relaxing bedtime ritual such as reading a story or playing music or singing a song help in getting sound sleep.

Teething Babies, Toy Store and My Baby Store

Teething tots give sleepless nights to their moms. When a child cries during the night, most of the time their mom gets up rather than dad. Sleepless nights make them feel groggy and irritable during the day. Generally teething starts as early as three months or as late as twelve months. Teething is the process when teeth break out through the gums. It is a painful process. Teething symptoms begin 3 to 5 days before the tooth appears. They include swelling and soreness in the gums, excessive drooling, lack of hunger, sleeplessness, crying and mild fever. The process of teething leaves the baby and parents equally exhausted. They need some relief from the sore gums and flushed cheeks. There are some homeopathic medicines available for the symptomatic relief. You can contact some certified homeopathy practitioner for more details.

Today, we have realized that toys are not for entertainment purposes only. They help a child in developing various skills such as hand-eye coordination, mental agility, cognitive skills, speech development, social awareness etc. Toys such as teething necklace may help in teething process. Generally, toys are age specific and parents are constantly under pressure to upgrade the toy collection of their child. Toy in India can be available on rent also. Companies like Rentoy have a huge collection of branded toys which they offer on rent. What happens if your child does not want to part with the rented toy? You have the option of buying it. However, I am not sure how health friendly is the concept of toy renting.

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Pregnancy Fitness Tips, First Birthday Party Ideas and Fashion Trends 2013

During pregnancy, would-be-moms battle with the mood swings, morning sickness, fatigue, leg cramps and breathing problems. Some forms of exercise for pregnant women can offer relief from all these symptoms. Yoga can help a lot during pregnancy to ease all the conditions. It can ensure easier labor and smooth delivery. Yoga, an ancient form of holistic therapy helps to keep your body healthy and mind relaxed and stress free.

Every child is special. Every birthday is an important milestone in a child’s life. The first birthday of their child is a very special event for the parents, also. They want to organize a fabulous party with some unique theme for their little one. Here are some wonderful first birthday party ideas. How about creating a charming handcrafted party for your one year old? Children of all ages love stories about king, queen, prince, princess, forests, wicked animals, fairies and what not. They grow up listening to stories from grandma, mom, pop or their aunt. Fairytale themed birthday parties are very popular. You can choose your child’s favorite fairytale and plan their first birthday party based on that theme. You can plan everything starting from invitations to decorations, cake, games and return gifts based on this theme. It would be a wonderful first birthday party ever.

As girls grow up, they become fashion conscious. Some girls have natural ability to choose right kind of clothes and accessories that suit their temperament and style, while others need some assistance. There are plenty of magazines published every month especially for teens and tweens to guide and advice them about the latest fashion for girls. According to Vogue fashion trends, in the year 2103, the color Grey and its fifty different shades are going to rule the fashion scene. Black leather is also expected to be very popular in dresses and shoes. The prevailing trouser shapes in the spring of 2013 are going to be tapered peg with revealing ankles. However, you can expect floor sweeping hemlines among the eveningwear and dresses. The T-shirts would undergo a total transformation. Stylish T-shirts embossed in leather, neoprene, or printed silk and lace would be suitable to wear at work or as evening wear.

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Holiday Dresses, Party Ideas and Baby Food Recipes

Here are some birthday party ideas for parents who are looking for not so common ideas for their child’s special day.  This year you can teach your child the joy of giving back to the less fortunate kids. You can inform his friends to bring some story books or glossy picture books instead of toys and games and donate these books to children who are less fortunate. Another idea is to organize do-it-yourself birthday party. You can select your child’s favorite theme for example butterfly, prince, baseball etc and make some crafts using the theme. Or you can organize a theme party such as cartoon characters parade, Ruby’s tea party, Jax’s train party or Oscar’s baseball party.

Holidays are a great excuse to indulge in chocolates, sweets and fashion games for girls. Whatever is her style, buying holiday dresses is a superb gift idea. Buy a festive frock or fantastical tutu for your little princess. If she is fond of blacks, then classic black jumper with a bit of a bling and minimalist look fits her style. If she loves feminine style, frilled tulle with a little shimmer and polka dots is perfect to spread holiday joy and cheer.

It is frustrating when your toddler wouldn’t touch anything green. The perfect baby food recipes are to boil, blanch, or steam greens such as peas, carrots or apples and puree them perfectly with no lumps. Add a bit of seasoning and a healthy and nutritious baby food is ready in a jiffy. Pureed sweet potatoes or banana smoothies are all time favorites of tiny tots.

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Nightmare and Night Terror

Sleep disorders such as nightmares and night terrors are common among children. A number of circumstances or situations can cause such disorders. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, fever, medications are some of the causes for disturbed sleep and nightmares. Generally, these disorders can be prevented by setting up a regular bedtime and wake up time.  Some relaxing activities such as reading a happy story or cuddling and drinking a warm glass of milk before going to bed can be helpful to induce a good night’s sleep. In spite of these precautions, if the nightmares or night terrors prevail, it is advisable to consult your pediatrician.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between nightmares and night terrors. Nightmares occur late at night or early morning during REM sleep. Generally, your child can remember a nightmare and he can be easily awakened during a nightmare.

However, if you hear frightening screams and see a glazed look in the eyes of your child, it could be a night terror. It is difficult to wake him up although he may look awake with the eyes open. It may take anything between 10 to 30 minutes before he is fully awake.

Generally, night terrors occur during REM sleep early at the night. Sometimes, they occur within two hours a child goes to sleep. A child does not remember night terrors in the morning. But it is frightening for parents to see their child terrorized and screaming with eyes wide open.

As a parent, the best thing you can do is to wake up your child as soon as he screams. Once he wakes up, console and comfort him and consult a good pediatrician.

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