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The Best Cleaning Products for Hardwood Floors

Recently we shifted in our new home. It is a spacious two storey house with plenty of natural light and hardwood flooring on the ground floor. Though I prefer carpeting for bedrooms and TV and entertainment room, I like hardwood flooring for the living space. I cherished the dream of having a living room with hardwood floors covered with area rugs and traditional style furniture. Finally, my dream has come true and I am very excited about it.

Cleaning routine for hardwood floors

Hardwood floors have unique aesthetics and particular cleaning requirements. You need to follow daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routine to keep your hardwood floors clean, sparkling and protected. Daily dusting or sweeping with a microfiber cloth keeps your hardwood floors free from dust, dirt and household allergens. However, weekly cleaning with wet mops and good quality hardwood floor cleaner is essential to keep the spot free and germ free.

A big no no for hardwood floors

Generally, people may suggest using a mix of water and vinegar to clean your hardwood floors, but let me tell you, it will only dull the finish of your favorite hardwood floors. You must also avoid soap based cleaners, steam cleaner and excessive use of water, which may cause long term damage to your hardwood flooring. Today, I would like to suggest the best cleaning products for hardwood floors.

The best cleaning products for hardwood floors

1. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner: this eco friendly and non toxic cleaner is suitable for all types of hardwood floors. Its residue free, ready to use formula makes the cleaning quick and hassle free. It can be used on sealed wood floors, laminate floors and no wax floors. When you have toddlers or pets playing around the house, this is the safest product to use.
2. Libman Hardwood Floor Cleaner: if you are looking for a cost effective option to get rid of all the scuff marks and soil from your hardwood floors, Libman hardwood floor cleaner is the best choice. You can buy a gallon size bottle to save extra money. Use it with Freedom spray mop, also made available by the Libman, for clean, shiny hardwood floors.
3. Pledge Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Pledge offers two products to clean hardwood floors. One is Pledge FloorCare Wood Squirt and Mop and another is Pledge FloorCare Wood Trigger. Both the products are ready to use and can be sprayed directly from the bottle to the floor. You can spray it on 3’X3’ area and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the process for the entire room.

Become worry free by using the the best cleaning products

Hardwood floors are a great investment and you need to protect them from harsh chemicals and excessive use of water. Besides, shoe marks, accumulated dust and spilled liquids etc require regular cleaning and maintenance. The best cleaning products for hardwood floors not only keep them clean and spot free, but also prolong their lifespan and durability. So, choose right products and keep your hardwood floors spick and span.


Responsibilities of a Reiki Master

Usui system of reiki training is divided into three levels. The first level deals with self healing and hands on healing. Second level of reiki training covers distance healing using reiki symbols. Level three consists of receiving the attunements for the master symbol. These attunements accelerate spiritual development and personal evolvement of a reiki practitioner. When all the attunements of level three are received by the seeker, he or she becomes a reiki master.

A reiki master can teach reiki and pass on attunements to their students. Even though a reiki master is not a fully enlightened person, he has a great responsibility. Mikao Ususi, the founder of the traditional reiki healing system, initiated only 16 reiki masters during his lifetime. This may give you an idea about the importance of being a reiki master. First of all, a reiki master is responsible to provide proper training to his students. Reiki training requires time and patience. It is the duty of a reiki master to make sure that his students thoroughly understand the principles of reiki healing and practice them in their daily life.

Additionally, reiki masters can focus on offering healing through reiki therapy. Reiki healing consists of channeling reiki energy or universal life force energy towards the patient. Offering reiki healing is similar to offering water to a thirsty person. Reiki healing works only if the patient is willing to receive the healing energy. A reiki master can combine reiki healing with various other healing modalities such as aromatherapy, massage, herbs etc to get better results. Reiki therapy can work to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance. It has been noticed that reiki therapy helps to recuperate from trauma and surgery quickly.

Becoming a reiki master requires a great deal of commitment and passion. Responsibility of a reiki master does not end by merely conducting reiki classes.

Phone Chat Lines for Fun, Entertainment and Information

Phone chat lines have become immensely popular for entertainment and business purposes. Businesses use phone chat lines to provide information about their products and services. Professionals such as psychics, tarot card readers and astrologers offer counseling and advice using phone chat lines. Dating chat lines are immensely popular among singles who want to connect with other singles in their neighborhood.

Phone chat line operators offer free as well as paid services. Initially they offer a few free minutes to the new users. Once you become familiar with all the features and advantages of a chat line, you can opt for a paid package. One of the biggest advantages of using a phone chat line is that it offers privacy. Without disclosing your real identity or real phone number you can chat one-to-one with your prospective client or date. Phone chat lines are also secure and safe. As a result, they are preferred for dating and adult chat.

Apart from entertainment purposes, phone chat line numbers can be used to answer business calls. With the help of a business phone line, you can buy a local phone number in any city of any country. You can display this phone number on your localized website or social media page. Your visitors can call this number for further information. Phone chat lines help business owners to remain connected with their prospects and leads. They are also highly cost effective, as international business calls can be made at the cost of local calls.

Whether you want to flirt, talk or connect, register with a phone chat line and remain connected through your android smartphone or iPhone 24X7. Take advantage of the most secure and discreet phone chat lines to have fun or make money. Dial your phone chatline number and talk to the most exciting and fun loving people in the world.

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