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Safe Connect NYC or SafecoNY is an app specially developed for the construction industry professionals. The main objective of the app is to help construction professionals in maintaining a safe worksite that is compliant with the New York City Department of Buildings rules and regulations. It achieves the objective by connecting the professionals with a central database that provides access to various resources. The database can be used to access inspection logs, hot work permits, building codes and tool box talks. You can also take print outs of study materials.

SafecoNY app provides direct link access to OSHA, DOB, FDNY and DOT. By referring to these links, construction professionals can make sure that their project progresses following the rules and regulations set by the relevant governing agencies. With the help of SafecoNY app any construction project can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Main features of the SafecoNY app

  • Access building information system to view the status of permits required at your jobsite; find out building information number of your jobsite; and check the status of pending violations, if any.
  • Download permit applications and file them after filling them up just by clicking on a link to the NYC Department of Buildings.
  • Take advantage of the hassle free e-filing of the permits required by the Department of Buildings. Get acquainted with the rules and regulations set by the NY governing bodies such as DOB, OSHA, FDNY and DOT.
  • Direct link to the FDNY official site allows you to print or download study material for COF.
  • Print out logs and checklists required to maintain safety and keep hazardous conditions at optimum level on jobsite.
  • Keep your employees updated by handing them out short training materials about specific tasks they are going to conduct during the week.
  • Print out different signs to be used on the construction site to prevent accidents and maintain safety.
  • Maintain material safety data sheets that present information about all the materials and chemical present on the jobsite.
  • Print out Certificates of Fitness issued by the NYC fire department to confirm your ability to manage your construction project safely.

Technical features of the SafecoNY app Availability

SafecoNY app is available for android as well as iOS devices. It requires 4.0.3 and up android versions and 7.6 M memory. It can access your full network and view network connections.


So far, only a few installs have taken place. However, the ratings by the users are encouraging. They find the app very informative and at the same time easy to navigate.

Well designed interface with easy to access shortcuts make the app convenient to use. This is an extremely useful app for the professionals belonging to construction industry.

Content Maturity

Content is easy to understand. The app also provides the option of social networking. You can share pictures of jobsites and locations of risks or hazards throughout the 5 boroughs.

Overall, the app SafecoNY is an easy to use and handy to maintain safety and efficiency at any construction jobsite. It helps to ensure that the work is carried out in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the New York City Department of Buildings and other governing bodies.

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