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My father is a heavy smoker. As a result, he is suffering from cervical degenerative disc disease, which causes him sever neck pain and sometimes stiff neck. Additionally, he has numbness and tingling in his arms, shoulders and neck. Sometimes symptoms are so severe that he cannot sleep during the night and becomes irritable the next day. As the disease was progressing quickly, we realized that it was time to consult a good medical specialist. We tried to find a medical specialist the old fashioned way – by asking around. Soon we realized that there are better ways to find a qualified medical professional then friends’ recommendation.

There are a few quality rating sites for medical professionals that provide all the relevant information about a doctor and patient reviews. These details are immensely helpful to make an informed decision about selecting the right doctor. Even though we are in initial stages of reviewing medical specialists and quality of hospitals, we can find some useful information online by doing meticulous research. While searching for a spine specialist for my father, I came across the reviews about Dr Tony Mork, MD. Some reviews were touching and written by actual patients, while some reviews were discouraging. However, overall rating for Dr Tony Mork is more than 4 stars.

Under the circumstances, I decided to follow my instinct and research further. By exploring deeper, I found out some reviews that gave me a glimpse of Dr Mork as a person and professional. One review says the patient was suffering from multiple fusions in cervical spine and surgery was required. Dr Mork performed 2 surgeries without additional charges and cured her totally. Now, she is off the pain meds and can sleep better. Another review is from a senior citizen who is 73 years now. At the age of 71, he was injured while playing golf and was barely able to walk. Dr Tony Mork performed endoscopic back surgery and he is able to play golf and skipper sailboat. He is perfectly fine and active!

This review convinced me to choose Dr Tony Mork for my father’s treatment.

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