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In times of medical emergency, patients and their family need reliable information about the experienced and qualified medical professionals for the right diagnosis and cure in timely manner. If some basic information about the physician such as his name, address and telephone number, his experience, success rate and patient satisfaction, and the quality of the hospital is provided through a trustworthy source, it may turn out be a boon.

There are a number of sources available online that can be trusted by the consumers and healthcare professionals alike. Consumers can rely on the reviews posted on these rating sites and medical professional rely on them to represent them correctly. There was a time when we were looking for a qualified medical professional to perform spine surgery on a relative suffering from sciatica and slip disc. We researched a number of rating websites for the medical professionals and came across the reviews about Dr Tony Mork, MD.

We noticed that he has been rated more than 4 stars on all the rating websites. We noticed that some websites provided comprehensive information about his contact details, his education, expertise and qualifications, procedures he performs, conditions he treat, and his hospital affiliations. On some websites patient satisfaction is rated using stars, but patient reviews are not published.

By researching further, we across some honest reviews published by the patients about Dr Tony Mork, MD. In these reviews he has been described as a kind and caring doctor who does not treat his patients as numbers. Some reviews praise his expertise saying that the surgery performed by Dr Anthony Mork provided relief the very next day. One remarkable review that won our heart was by a lady suffering from Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF). She consulted Dr Mork on the phone and the very next day surgery was scheduled. The patient is very happy with Dr Mork as he removed two levels of herniation by performing a simple and affordable surgery. And the best part is she realized that she was perfectly cured as soon as she recovered from the anesthesia.

Honest patient reviews help immensely in finding the right medical specialists in time of emergencies.

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