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Safari camping in Sri Lanka is one of a lifetime experiences. Holidaying in a resort or a hotel is more of a relaxing experience, but camping in tents among the wilderness surrounded by the nature and wild life is altogether a different type of experience. It provides you thrill and oneness with nature at the same time. Here are some tips and tricks for a safe and enjoyable safari camping in Sri Lanka.

Select a safe campsite

While selecting a campsite during safari camping in Sri Lanka, examine the surrounding landscape. Trees are good for shade and also provide cover during light rain, but make sure that they do not fall down while you are camping around them. Generally dead trees with drooping branches are likely to fall. Keep away from such trees while placing your tents. Check out wind direction while fixing the tents and lighting the fire. So that, there is not fire hazard and smoke does not trouble you due to wrong wind direction. Determine the direction of sun rise and sunset. If you do not want to get up early, set up your tent in such a way that it blocks early sun.

Select an ideal size tent and gear

You can select a small tent that can be placed on a small space or go for a double door tent with tons of luxury inside. If you have booked safari camping with a tour organizer in Sri Lanka, they offer two options. One is standard safari camping and another is luxury safari camping. Under the standard safari camping option, you receive standard tents with folding beds and bed linens. You also get running water and washroom facilities outside your tent. Luxury safari camping provides you with spacious tents with separate living and sleep area with carpeted floor and attached shower and toilet. This is a lavish safari camping experience in Sri Lanka.

Setting up a campfire

At the end of a long hike during the safari camping in Sri Lanka, nothing is more relaxing than a campfire and a hearty meal. To set up a good campfire, you need good quality dry wood that is easy to light and burns well. Carry sufficient quantity of wood to cook and keep you warm and safe at night. While safari camping in Sri Lanka, work on wood piles for the fire as soon as you finish erecting your tents. Surround the fire pit with rocks, which can be useful to heat your hands or feet while sitting around the fire. Use a shovel or a poker to move the wood inside the fire. Fire resistant gloves and a first aid kit are essential while camping among the nature.

Preparing food while camping

Food is another essential while safari camping in Sri Lanka. Cooking on an open fire and eating out in natural surrounding is a unique experience during camping. In fact, before leaving for camping, you can prep some food at home to carry with you, so that it is easy to cook. You can measure the ingredients and chop, dice and mix vegetables or meat. Pack individual servings in different packs and cook each serving as you need. Carry cooking pans, serving plates spoons and containers in your camping gear. Prepare an evenly laid coal bed on one side of fire to cook meals. Don’t forget to carry a few garbage bags with you while safari camping in Sri Lanka. At the end of the trip, clean up the site and dispose off the garbage.

Carrying drinking water    

Proper hydration is the key to survive an arduous trail or hike during the safari camping in Sri Lanka. Water is also required to cook food. Properly organize and store water while camping outdoors. For water storage you can carry big size gallon containers with spout or gallon jugs. For personal use you can carry water with you in water bottles. Different types of water bags are also available to use during safari camping in Sri Lanka.

Follow these tips and tricks during safari camping in Sri Lanka and enjoy your stay among nature with the birds, elephants, fishes, flowing waters and trees. If you have not applied for Sri Lankan Visa, apply now.

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