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Androids mobiles with Ice Cream Sandwich update 4.0 or higher support in-built screenshot function. The older devices may not support the function. Screenshot or screen capture is useful when you want to demonstrate a step by process or tutorial on your blog. Screenshot is also required while requesting tech support. You can share your settings or a lovely screen with your friends by capturing a screenshot of your Androide mobile.

For android devices 2.3 and below there is no in-built screenshot function. However, there is no need to feel disappointed, as there are many Android apps available on the Google Play Store to capture screenshots. Most of these apps are free to download and you can easily install them on your android mobile.

Some of them are listed here.


Screenshot app mostly requires rooted phones, but it may work on some unrooted phones, also. Motorola Atrix, Acer Z110, GT-S5570L (Galaxy Mini) running Android 2.3.4, HTC Sensation are some examples of unrooted phones for which the app works. The app captures the screen using the top most button and saves it in Bmp, PNG or JPG file format.

Screenshot Ultimate

Download this versatile Android app Screenshot Ultimate at the Google Play Store. The app supports more than 16 capture methods. Besides, rooting is not mandatory for this app. You can capture the screen, edit it, add text or a drawing using this app. Screenshots are saved in PNG or JPEG format on your android mobile and they can be shared through email, Picasa, or upload to Imgur.

Screenshot Easy

Screenshot Easy is the easiest screenshot app on the Google Play Store developed for tablets and android mobiles with 4.0 or higher versions. You can select a trigger of your choice from an overlay icon, hold power button and volume down button for 2 seconds, power button and home button for 2 seconds, shake, or widget. The app allows viewing, editing and sharing the screenshot.

Easy Screenshot –no Ad Capture

Easy Screenshot –no Ad Capture featured on the Google Play Store requires Android 4.0 and up. This ad free app is easy to operate and comes with a number of privacy options. While taking a screenshot, the status bar on top of the device is replaced automatically. You can easily take the screenshots of your SnapChat, game in progress or shopping item and share it on WhatsApp, facebook or twitter.

Perfect Screenshot

Perfect Screenshot captures that perfect shot with a number of options such as glare and shadow option, high or normal resolution, and with portal or landscape frame. It works with the android 4.0 or higher devices. If you already have a screenshot saved on your android mobile, you can import it into the app and convert it into an image that looks like your original device rather than a rectangle frame.

Do tell us which one is your favorite screenshot app for your android mobile available on the Google Play store.


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