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Make a Lasting Impression by Presenting Your Confident and Happy Self

Nationally recognized personal stylist is dedicated to bring about a radical change in people’s lives by creating an exquisite look with upbeat vibes. Their clientele include stay at home moms, professionally qualified career women, CEOs and executives. The ardent team of image experts at the personal stylist is passionate about their work. Their main objective is to reveal your true self to the world that is a confident, happy and outgoing. Personal stylist facilitates their clients to look their best by following the latest fashion trends that suit their personality and style. Custom designed style and look make the transition effortless and easy. Their image consultant Keri Blair believes that our confidence is a result of our positive self image. Personalized styling and image at an affordable rate and time efficient manner make the clients feel fulfilled and happy. As a result, they can easily achieve their goals in life.


Mag Alloy Wheels

Mag Wheels is a one stop online destination for all types of Mag alloy wheels in Australia. Mag Wheels through their trusted manufacturers and suppliers Ozzy Tyres features all types of Mag alloy wheel collections. Magnesium alloy wheels also known as Mag alloy wheels are lighter than other alloy wheels made from aluminum or chrome alloys. They are forged from the hot magnesium alloy using one step process. Mag alloy wheels are lightweight and give better acceleration compared to other alloy wheels and hence they are used in sports cars and racing cars. Symmetrical spokes and smooth shiny finish give them appealing looks. Mag alloy wheels are favored by the car enthusiasts as aftermarket equipment due to weight reduction and aesthetic appeal.

Luxury Mag Alloy Wheels

Mag Wheels, trusted partner of Ozzy Tyres, presents a wide range of luxury Mag alloy wheels. Mag alloy luxury wheels are the finest wheels in terms of luxury, durability and style. Some of the luxury brands in Mag alloy wheels featured at the Mag Wheels are Vertini Dynasty, XO Miami, Lorenzo WL036, and Lexani CSS15. Luxury Mag alloy wheels with brave and exciting designs are available with different number of spokes and various finishes. These wheels are befitting for the luxury cars of all makes from European luxury cars to Japanese sports cars.

Sports Mag Alloy Wheels

Mag Wheels having Ozzy Tyres as their trusted manufacturer and supplier, presents an exclusive range of sports Mag alloy wheels. You can also select Mag alloy wheels and tyre packages for your make of sports car. Sports collection of Mag alloy wheels guarantees superb looks and highest performance. The most stylish and exquisite collection of sports Mag alloy wheels includes reputed brands such as XXR, Touchdown and Avant Garde. Sports Mag alloy wheels are designed for specific sports vehicles in multi spoke and lightweight designs.

Custom Mag Alloy Wheels

Mag Wheels with Ozzy Tyres as their trusted supplier provides custom alloy wheels with exact precision, tolerance and highest attention to detail. Custom Mag alloy wheels are offered as aftermarket equipment for a wide range of car models such as SUVs, tuner cars or luxury cars. Their simple yet elegant design and highest performance would make you proud. Whether you are looking for deep dish design or wide rims, whether you prefer one piece cast or specific finish, Meg Wheels is dedicated to fulfill all your custom needs in collaboration with Ozzy Tyres, their trusted partner.  

The online store Mag Wheela having Ozzy Tyres as their supplier, is created to reach out to all the car enthusiasts in Australia. The site provides a wide range of selection in Mag alloy wheels, and wheels and tire packages. It is easy to browse through the collection and place an order online. Meg Wheel with their trusted partner Ozzy Tyre can help you with any query regarding the Mag alloy wheels and their performance. They can also assist you to select the right type of Mag Alloy wheels suitable to your car. Visit Meg Wheels for a great shopping experience and after sales services.

How to Take Screenshot on an Android Mobile

Androids mobiles with Ice Cream Sandwich update 4.0 or higher support in-built screenshot function. The older devices may not support the function. Screenshot or screen capture is useful when you want to demonstrate a step by process or tutorial on your blog. Screenshot is also required while requesting tech support. You can share your settings or a lovely screen with your friends by capturing a screenshot of your Androide mobile.

For android devices 2.3 and below there is no in-built screenshot function. However, there is no need to feel disappointed, as there are many Android apps available on the Google Play Store to capture screenshots. Most of these apps are free to download and you can easily install them on your android mobile.

Some of them are listed here.


Screenshot app mostly requires rooted phones, but it may work on some unrooted phones, also. Motorola Atrix, Acer Z110, GT-S5570L (Galaxy Mini) running Android 2.3.4, HTC Sensation are some examples of unrooted phones for which the app works. The app captures the screen using the top most button and saves it in Bmp, PNG or JPG file format.

Screenshot Ultimate

Download this versatile Android app Screenshot Ultimate at the Google Play Store. The app supports more than 16 capture methods. Besides, rooting is not mandatory for this app. You can capture the screen, edit it, add text or a drawing using this app. Screenshots are saved in PNG or JPEG format on your android mobile and they can be shared through email, Picasa, or upload to Imgur.

Screenshot Easy

Screenshot Easy is the easiest screenshot app on the Google Play Store developed for tablets and android mobiles with 4.0 or higher versions. You can select a trigger of your choice from an overlay icon, hold power button and volume down button for 2 seconds, power button and home button for 2 seconds, shake, or widget. The app allows viewing, editing and sharing the screenshot.

Easy Screenshot –no Ad Capture

Easy Screenshot –no Ad Capture featured on the Google Play Store requires Android 4.0 and up. This ad free app is easy to operate and comes with a number of privacy options. While taking a screenshot, the status bar on top of the device is replaced automatically. You can easily take the screenshots of your SnapChat, game in progress or shopping item and share it on WhatsApp, facebook or twitter.

Perfect Screenshot

Perfect Screenshot captures that perfect shot with a number of options such as glare and shadow option, high or normal resolution, and with portal or landscape frame. It works with the android 4.0 or higher devices. If you already have a screenshot saved on your android mobile, you can import it into the app and convert it into an image that looks like your original device rather than a rectangle frame.

Do tell us which one is your favorite screenshot app for your android mobile available on the Google Play store.


How to Play Candy Crush on PC with BlueStacks

Every day, new games and applications are launched on Android mobile phones. If you have a smartphones, you must have played the sensational game Candy Crush Saga on your phone. This puzzle game with more than 400 levels is available on the Google Play Store to download and install. However, if you want to play this addictive and stimulating game on your PC, it is not directly available. You will have to download either the BlueStack app player on your PC or use a hike.

The BlueStack app player is a software that allows you to play your favorite android mobile apps on your PC in full screen or in your browser. If you want to play the Candy Crush Saga on your PC, the first step is to download and install the BlueStack app player in your PC. Now, the question is how to access the game Candy Crush Saga within the BlueStack? As the BlueStack does not have access to the Google Play Store available on an Android mobile.

You may use following hack to download the Candy Crush Saga in your BlueStack.

  1. Launch the BlueStack app player on your PC and click on “Help” in “My Apps” section. This will open in built Android browser running the Help URL in your BlueStack app player.
  2. Now, type in the Android browser’s navigation bar and press enter.
  3. This will give you two options, browser and Play Store. Select Play Store and log in with your google account.
  4. Once you are signed in, you will be able to access the Google Play Store and all its apps in your PC with BlueStack.
  5. Download you favorite game the Candy Crush Saga and start playing it on your PC with BlueStack.

Here is another hack to download and play the Candy Crush Saga on your PC.

  1. Download and install the Android emulator BlueStack on your PC.
  2. Run the BlueStack app player as an administrator for extended permission. Now, use the search tool on top of the player to search for the game Candy Crush Saga.
  3. Once the search result is displayed, install the game in the BlueStack and start playing.

One more hack to play the game Candy Crush Saga on your PC is shown below.

  1. Since there are some differences in Windows OS and Android OS, first of all install an Android App player called BlueStack on your PC.
  2. Once the BlueStack is installed, home page opens for the app player. On the home page there is a search button on top.
  3. Enter the name Candy Crush Saga in the search and select Install when the search result is displayed.
  4. Wait till the download is complete. Then click on the “My Apps” button on the top left corner of the home screen. Here you will find your favorite game the Candy Crush Saga. Click on the icon and start playing the game.

Isn’t it easy to play your favorite game the Candy Crush Saga on your PC in full screen or in Browser?


How to Install Hike on PC Using BlueStacks

Hike messenger is a messaging app built for the Windows, Symbian and Android mobile phone users. It is similar to WhatsApp, WeChat or BBM, but with some extra features. This instant messenger allows you to send unlimited text messages and photos to your friend. You can even share videos up to 100 MB and express your feelings using built in stickers. One fascinating feature about the Hike messenger is that you can send messages to your friends who are offline. So, how would you like to install such versatile messenger on your PC?

Hike messenger provides excellent experience while chatting with your friends. It is as good as talking live with your friends. You can chat with your friends individually or go for group chat. It’s privacy settings and customization options provide you the liberty of controlled exposure about you and your profile.

Here are some simple hacks to install Hike on your PC or laptop using the BlueStacks.

One way to install the Hike messenger on your PC is by using the APK file. This hack requires high speed internet connection and it is a bit complicated. But I am sure, you can do it.

  1. Download and install the Android app player BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Hike messenger Apk is file is available here. You can download it on your PC.
  3. After downloading the Apk file for the Hike messenger, open it with the BlueStacks. This will allow you to install the Apk file on the BlueStacks.
  4. Once the Apk file is installed, you must configure the settings of the messenger.
  5. And, your chat application is ready to use.

Now, why not try a simple method to install your favorite messenger Hike on your PC? You can use the BlueStack app player to install the Hike messenger without any trouble.

  1. Download and install this free and easy to use Android emulator BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Click on the shortcut installed on your desktop to open the BlueStack App player.
  3. Go to the search icon on the home page of the BlueStack and type Hike.
  4. Once the search results are displayed select Hike and click on it to install. It takes only a few minutes to install Hike messenger.
  5. Now, go to the “My Apps” and click on it. You will find Hike in this folder.
  6. Click on the Hike and start chatting with your friends using your PC.

Hike is a totally free messenger for Windows, iOS and Android mobile phones. You can even reach those friends, who have not registered for Hike. It’s 128 bit SSL encryption is completely safe for sending and receiving messages. One additional feature of the messenger is that it works on the telephone number, so you do not have to use username or PIN. It stores all your undelivered messages, when the internet connection is down or slow. These messages are delivered when the connection is fully active. So, what are you waiting for? Download your Hike messenger now and start chatting with your friends.


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