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Safari Camping In Sri Lanka

The tiny island of Sri Lanka has a lot to offer in terms of adventure and tourism. Among other attractions, safari tours of Sri Lanka are pleasantly relaxing. Sri Lanka is endowed with eight Unesco World Heritage Sites, national parks, lush green hills with rain forested peaks and abundant wildlife. A variety of habitats are home to diverse species of wildlife including elephants, leopards, birds, whales, dolphins and plenty of species in fish. Safari camping is an alluring option to explore the Sri Lankan wilderness and wildlife. Whether you are a layman or a naturalist, Sri Lanka offers plenty to explore.

Here is a list of some popular safari camping locations in Sri Lanka, which are surrounded by the scenic beauty and plethora of flora and fauna.

Yala, Udawalawe and Bundala National Parks Safari Camping

The most visited Yala national park in Sri Lanka is well known for its leopard and elephant population. You will also find bear, deer, sloth and crocodiles. It is also one of the most important bird areas in Sri Lanka with more than 215 bird species. The most easily accessible national park of Udawalawe has spectacular landscapes. It is a permanent home to a herd of 250 Sri Lankan elephants and plenty of species of birds. Some of them are Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Red faced Malkoha, Brown capped Babbler and many more. Wintering ground for migratory birds the Bundala National Park is internationally significant. During winter, it harbors more than 197 species of migratory birds. Greater Flamingos are one of them which migrate here in large flocks. This safari camping site is also rich in flora with more than 383 species including some endemic and threatened species. Safari camping in these national parks is one of a lifetime experience you will never forget.

Sinharaja Rain Forest Safari Camping

Sinharaja rain forest is also a world heritage site. It is a treasure trove of endemic species including reptiles, birds, animals, amphibians, insects and trees. Purple faced Langur is found everywhere and is one of the cute attractions here. Some scary attractions are endemic reptiles and invertebrates including green pit viper, hump nosed viper, inevitable leeches and a large variety of amphibians. Safari camping among this biodiversity hotspot will give you an opportunity to experience the thrill of real outdoor camping amidst the wilderness that is abundant in reptiles and amphibians.

Kalpitiya Safari Camping

The pristine district of Kalpitiya offers a wide range of options to explore. Puttalam lagoon in Kalpitiya district is a marine sanctuary with diverse habitats ranging from the Bar reef, saltpans, mangroves, salt marsh, swamps and sand dune beaches.The most thrilling experienceat Kalpitiya is to camp at a Sri Lanka style lodge and go for dolphin watching, turtle watching and diving. You can also go for boat rides and walk the natural trails. Safari camping at Kalpitiya is never a dull moment with plethora of activities at your bay.

Foreign nationals and tourists need Sri Lankan visa to enter the country. You may get a tourist visa on arrival, but it is advisable to procure a short stay visa, which can be applied online, before you book your tickets and plan your trip.


Pet Keepsake from the Blue Cross

Losing your pet in an accident or by natural death is devastating. It is natural to feel sadness and grief over the death of your beloved pet due to the intense bond developed over a period of time. There are some healthy ways to cope with the loss. Memorializing your pet is one way to deal with the loss. Memorializing not only directs your attention to do something constructive in memory of your pet, but it also inspires others to follow your example.

Memorialize Your Pet with a Pet Keepsake

Donating something for a charitable cause is a noble way to memorialize your pet. You can make donations to a charity that is working for the welfare of animals. The Blue Cross is an animal charity that provides veterinary services for the animals and offers animal adoption services. It also offers support for pet bereavement and hosting pet memorials. Pet keepsakes from the Blue Cross are cute trinkets designed to memorialize your pet. They are decorated with cute motifs and gold plated paw prints. They also feature meaningful inscription inside the jewelry.

The Blue Cross Animal Charity Silver Band Ring with Gold Plated and Cubic Zirconia Paw Prints and the Blue Cross Animal Charity 9 Carat Heart Shaped Locket with Rhodium Plated and Cubic Zirconia Paw Prints Displayed from a 46cm Chain are two beautiful pet keepsake from Blue Cross. Here is a comparison of both the pet keepsakes from the Blue Cross.

The Blue Cross Animal Charity Silver Band Ring

The Blue Cross Animal Charity Silver Band Ring is a delicate gold plated ring with 6mm width cubic zirconium paw prints. The tiny zirconia stones firmly set in the shape of paw prints cover outer part of half the ring. The inner side of the ring has a thoughtful and touching inscription reminding you of your pet. The gold plated band is delicately pretty and always reminds you of your loyal friend – your pet. Besides, the earnings from the ring go for an animal charity. What could be a more noble way to memorialize your pet than buying the pet keepsake from the Blue Cross?

The Blue Cross Animal Charity 9 Carat Heart Shaped Locket

The Blue Cross Animal Charity 9 Carat Heart Shaped Locket is one more attractive pet keepsake from the Blue Cross. This beautiful pendant made in 9 ct yellow gold is designed with 3 paw prints and a single cross on the reverse. The heart shaped pendant comes with a 46cm chain made in 9 ct gold. You can place two pictures of your pet in the locket and it will always be close to your heart. The best reason to buy this adorable jewelry is that you donate certain amount for the animal charity and also memorialize your pet. You can also gift this locket with a chain to a friend who loves pet.

Buying a pet keepsake from the Blue Cross is a wonderful way to memorialize your pet. They create lasting memory of your pet and remain close to your body and mind in form of jewelry.


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