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  1. Over the period of past few years, inbound techniques of website marketing have become popular. More and more businesses are focusing on publishing original and fresh content on their website to attract more visitors. By creating valuable content and promoting it, companies or business can establish themselves as experts in their field and gain confidence of their customers. Website marketing is effective in building rapport with their visitors and developing a loyal fan base. eNewletters, insightful articles and how to videos on company website, case studies and guides etc are some forms of website marketing. Website marketing can build a positive reputation among the peers and customers.
  1. Social media networks paly an important role in website marketing. Earlier, there were only a few prominent social networks viz. facebook, twitter and LinksdIn. Now, there are plenty of new social media sites have emerged on the scene. Social media sites including Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram etc have become immensely popular within a short span of time. These social networks offer plethora of options for website marketing. Business can create quality content in various forms and engage their audience on multiple platforms. Uploading content on multiple networks is a successful website marketing strategy to reach out the maximum number of customers.
  1. With the rise of popularity of Pinterest and Buzzfeed, image based content can be used effectively for website marketing. Image based content has strong potential to go viral. Well placed images in blog posts also make it more interesting. Success of infographics with minimum amount of text combined with images indicates the effectiveness of easily digestible content. Though traditional text based content will not lose its importance, image based content that is aesthetically appealing and not excessively flashy, can be used successfully for website marketing. It is a wise decision to involve image based social media in your website marketing campaigns.
  1. Widespread use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones cannot be ignored while developing website marketing strategies. It has become necessary to develop websites that can be accessed on mobile devices without any distortion. One option is to design mobile website separately or go for responsive web design. Responsive web design gives superb experience to the visitors who are browsing via mobile. Besides, you do not have to update them individually; single update becomes effective for full screen as well as mobile versions of the website. Website marketing can utilize responsive mobile versions of the website for drawing more traffic.
  1. Ad retargeting is a new concept in website marketing. Once a visitor visits the website, browser cookies are enabled. When a visitor leaves the site, the advertisement of the website he or she visited are shown different pages they visit. As the first visit generally do not convert, repeated exposure to the products they viewed has better chances of conversion. Even if ad retargeting does not convert, it creates familiarity with the brand, which is one of the purposes of website marketing. Sometime website marketing takes time to convert visitors into paying customers, but in long run it pays off.

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