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Several types of computer printers are available in the market. Each of them serves a special purpose and specific need. There are portable printers suitable for traveling needs and workhorse printers for a huge volume of work. Some printers are designed for photographers and some are suitable for home use. All types of computer printers need maintenance at regular intervals. They also need to replace certain parts such as ink and toner cartridges. A number of printing kits are available for cleaning and repair of computer printers. Some of them are maintenance kits, cleaning kits and paper jam kits.

Maintenance printing kit comes with a set of cleaning and replacement parts. Each printer manufacturer includes different replacement and cleaning parts in their printing kit depending on the model and type of the printer. In general, a maintenance printing kit includes transfer roller, pick up rollers, fuser assembly, separation pads, fan assembly, corona assembly, cleaning gloves and cleaning clothes. A fuser is required to bond the toner to the paper. Transfer rollers transfer toner to the paper from the toner cartridge. They need to be changed after printing a certain number of pages. So do the feed rollers, separation rollers and separation pads.

Other than maintenance printing kits, printer cleaning kit and paper jam kit are also available. Cleaning printing kit, generally, unblocks the print head nozzle with the help of a professionally developed chemical, which is flushed through the print head. Chemical strength and pressure flush remove the ink and dust particles blocking the print head. When print head is clogged with dirt, it produces poor quality prints with streaks or missing lines. A typical cleaning printing kit includes a bottle of cleaning chemical, blotting paper stripes, a syringe, 3 adaptors, a tube, a pair of gloves and a step by step manual to carry out the cleaning operation. A paper jam kit prevents paper jam and it includes 4D rollers, 2 separation rollers and a tray.

A variety of maintenance printing kits are available in the market. While selecting a printing kit for your computer printer, make sure that it is intended for your make and model of the printer. Try to avoid purchasing maintenance printing kits with substandard quality parts and devices. Regular maintenance of your computer printer is essential for the optimum performance. Besides, cleaning and replacing parts in your printer avoids permanent damage to your computer printer.

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