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  1. Pay per click campaign or search engine marketing is a well known example of online advertising. Search engines like google and yahoo allow businesses to place their ad in special top panel or side bar, when search results are displayed. Paid ads are separated out from search results, but they get better exposure. This form of online advertising need extensive keyword research and bidding for targeted keywords. The highest bidder gets the advertising spot. Online advertising can bring traffic to your website, but you have to pay for every click your ad on search gets. With Google Adwords, you can launch your online advertising campaign for as low as $5 per day.
  1. Facebook ad is another form of online advertising. Facebook is no longer a networking site for teenagers. Now, people of all age groups and from all walks of life have a facebook account. They spend substantial amount of time on facebook sharing information and connecting with friends. Facebook ads can be placed for targeted demographics and with social context. As a result they may drive targeted traffic to your website. For online advertising on facebook, you can select between pay for clicks or pay when people see your ad. You can also set your daily budget for online advertising and utilize the traffic facebook brings to your site.
  1. YouTube video ads have recently became popular as online advertising. They can be placed before videos, beside videos in side bar or in search results on YouTube. The media of video is more powerful and it can touch people. Besides using audio and video components, you can represent your business in better ways. As YouTube is accessible on mobile devices also, your ads can reach wider audience. YouTube ads can reach your targeted audience and yield high conversion. Besides, you have to pay only when people watch your ad. YouTube analytics tool is useful to analyze the results of your online advertising campaign.
  1. Banner ads, also known as click through are one of the oldest forms of online advertising. In this type of advertisement, a banner is embedded on a webpage with a link to the advertising website. When someone clicks on the banner and visits website, a small amount of money is sent to the host website. Banner ads are managed by a central ad server. Sometimes websites with high traffic sell their ad space to display banners of other sites or both the websites can display each other’s banners with mutual understanding. Due to visual component, online advertising using banners can be more effective.
  1. Online advertising play an important role in driving targeted traffic to your website. It also encourages healthy competition among businesses and as a result customers get better services. Even small businesses can afford online advertising as you can set your daily budget. As online ads are delivered to only targeted audiences, they are not intrusive or annoying for the audiences. Online advertising generate a small amount of revenue for publishing sites, which offer relevant content for free. And advertising sites benefit from getting targeted audience for conversion. Online advertising is as effective as other traditional forms of advertising such as TV ads, newspaper ads, and radio ads.

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