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1. Advertising is a method of promoting your products or services through various forms of media including print, radio and TV. Generally, advertising is a paid form of promotion. Ads are placed at strategic locations where people will notice them instantly. Advertisers also make sure that the ads reach to the relevant and targeted audience. Commercial businesses, professionals, non profits and even governments – all of them try to benefit from advertising. Some of them promote their products and some endorse their services. non profits and governments use advertising for a cause or to spread awareness. Without advertisements world would be a boring place to live.

2. Online advertising is latest form of advertisements. These ads are displayed online on search engine results, websites, emails, social networks and many other places on the internet. A true ad appears in front of the right audience at the right time and place. Ads should be tempting enough to click on them. The most well placed ad is of no use, if nobody clicks on them. Similarly, if beautifully made ad is placed in such a way that nobody can see it, then the talent and efforts to make this ad are wasted. So, for a successful advertising campaign, content and context are equally important.

3. To launch a successful advertising campaign across all the formats and channels, accurate data are required. Only high quality data can help to decide when, where and how to launch an ad, so that it can deliver the best user experience and drive targeted traffic. Creative, powerful and dynamic ad campaigns can be developed with the help of correct set of data. Such advertising campaigns deliver the greatest conversions. The most effective advertising campaigns are those, which utilize all the mediums including text, video, audio, images and infographics. In depth unique content can engage the audience and drive traffic.

4. Every business, small or big, benefits from advertising. However, the key component to a successful ad campaign is the answers to some basic questions such as who, what, why, when, where and how much. Before releasing your ads, assess overall market and find out your specific niche. Pinpoint your target audience within your niche. Device a strategy to promote your brand based on pricing model. Do some research about your competition and how to tackle them. Set your advertising budget and plan a schedule to release them. Once your campaign is launched, don’t neglect to track the success. Measure the success of your adverting efforts and make necessary changes for the subsequent campaigns.

5. Advertising is about connecting with people, encouraging them to react or interact and convert them into paying customers. Advertisement should reflect the content that people want to consume. Advertisements that create value and remind the audiences their memorable moments strike a chord with their audiences. Timing is also important as people have to work. So, while pitching a product or service make sure that people have time to pay attention. In fact, advertising should not sound as selling; it should feel like sharing an experience or an exchange of information. Advertising should deliver right content at right time on right platform.

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