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  1. Traditional emerging media has changed world of advertisements. Ad agency no longer functions in old and antiqued mode. They have to learn how cater to the new generation of internet savvy, smartphone and tablet wielding populace. Soon their target audience would embrace smart watches, Google glasses and other wearable technology. Ad agency never faced so many challenges at the same time in the past. Ad executives are continuously busy thinking about better ways to engage with the audience. Penetration of internet, widespread popularity of mobile devices and technological advances in video marketing has brought about some radical changes in the way an ad agency functions.
  1. Sometimes businesses are under the impression that they do not need any help from an ad agency, as their innovative and extra ordinary products will sell by themselves. However, they are totally mistaken. Every business needs brand identity. An ad agency can help them develop their brand identity. Avoid any ad agency that promises you larger-than-life results, but do not shun an agency who can deliver a concrete plan to achieve your targets over a period of time. Before hiring any ad agency, check out their creative staff. After all advertising is all about creating aesthetically pleasing and meaningful content that touches audience’s heart.
  1. Today, almost any ad agency need a competent digital copywriter as online advertising is highly in demand. However, what skills do you look for in a digital copywriter? A digital copywriter writes for an audience whose attention span measures in seconds. They are young, impatient and distracted. So, it is a challenge for a digital copywriter working with an ad agency to write succinctly and grab the attention of the audience. A copy that is original and targets its audience with precision is appreciated. According to an ad agency creative director,” Less is always more” is a good advice for a digital copywriter.
  1. In the past decade, the world of advertisements has changed drastically. Today, an ad agency has bigger challenges in front of it. Now, advertising has become consumer centric rather than brand centric. Today brands no longer wish to reach or talk about impressions of their ad, rather than they aspire for consumer engagement and conversation with their customers. Social media outreach has changed the concept of marketing and advertising. As a result, an ad agency also needs to adapt with changing expectations and aspirations of the emerging brands. Advertising industry mavens may not appreciate all the changes in the world of advertisements, but an ad agency has to embrace the changes.
  1. Smartphones and social media have fundamentally changed the way an ad agency works. As the technology evolves and client expectations change, ad agency will also evolve with changing times. These changes may affect campaign costs and staffing trends. Ad agencies may need staff who can manage multiple tasks of a campaign. As a result they may hire more generalists and multi-takers than specialists and people who can work on multiple platforms. An ad agency with phenomenal success in managing social media campaigns is going to be more in demand. As a result, increase in demand for community mangers, message posters, Photoshop editors and creative writers.

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