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The tiny island of Sri Lanka is endowed with thousands of miles of golden beaches. Fringed with coconut palms and holiday resorts along the coast, Sri Lankan beaches are the main tourist attractions. Jaffna, 12th largest city in Sri Lanka, is also a sea port and administrative headquarters to Jaffna district.

Jaffna, even though not considered a major tourist spot in Sri Lanka, has a number of tourist attractions such as Dutch forts, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, Chundikulam Sanctuary and amazing beaches. Sunlit golden beaches of Jaffna attract a lot of tourists who love to bask in the sunlight.

Casuarina, Santhakulam, Chaddy, Navatkuli, Manatkaadu, Keerimalai, Chundikulam  Mathagal, Delft and Thondaimannar are some of the beaches worth visiting at Jaffna. Jaffna beaches have a unique tranquilizing effect on your body and mind. You can easily doze off feeling salty breeze and listening to the whispering sound of sea waves.

Casuarina Beach

Casuarina beach, located 15 km from the Jaffna town, is one of the best beaches of the city. Gentle waves and shallow waters near the shore make it safe for swimming. It is the best beach to go for long walks or simply to lie down and relax under the clear blue sky. It is also one of the less polluted beaches and home for a wide variety of fishes and other species. The beach is lined up with shady Casuarina trees along its coastline instead of palm trees.

Keerimalai Beach

Keerimalai meaning mongoose hill in Tamil is also a beautiful beach to visit. Keerimalai is also famous for its mineral water springs. Separated by a wall from the sea, keerimalai springs are believed to cure all the illnesses by bathing in it. While visiting Keerimalai, you can also visit Naguleswaram Hindu temple, one of the oldest shrines in the region. A legendary sage named Nagula Muni built this temple after he was cured by bathing in the springs. Today, the temple is highly acclaimed among the Hindus all over the world.

Chaddy Beach

Chaddy beach is another impressive beach located 12 km from Jaffna. This beach is a clean and quiet place with peaceful vibes. Even though the beach does not offer breathtaking adventures such as water skiing or wind surfing, it is a lovely and secluded place surrounded by gorgeous scenery. It is a nice place to sit side by side with your loves one and enjoy the sunset or go for long walks hand in hand.

Manatkaadu Beach

Manatkaadu beach is another beautiful beach with clear blue waters and golden sands. It is an ideal beach to laze around. Manatkaadu beach offers you year round sun bathing and swimming. However, November to April is the best time to visit. You can enjoy the gentle waves crashing on your feet, while sitting on the beach. Enjoy the surrounding beauty and palm trees. If you feel hungry, visit nearby village for deliciously cooked sea food by the villagers.

Jaffna beaches are warm and shallow with gentle waves. They are perfectly safe for swimming and playing games. Plan your trip to Sri Lanka now by applying for Sri Lankan Visas for your entire family.

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