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How to Control TV with Your Android Mobile

That day is not far when we will be able to control all the household devices with your android mobile. However, today let us talk about how to control your TV with your android mobile. Some android devices can communicate with your TV set and control it. The in-built device called the IR blaster is responsible for this. If you have any latest model android device in your home, chances are you can control your TV using this android device.

Here are some apps listed on the Google Play Store that can control TV.

Remote Control TV Pro

Remote Control TV Pro supports all types of TV in wifi mode or IR mode.

  1. Download this app from the Google Play Store and install it on your android mobile.
  2. Connect your android mobile and smart TV to the same wifi network.
  3. Launch the Remote Control TV Pro app and search for the smart TV. If it fails to find the TV, enter the IP address of the TV manually.
  4. Connect it with the smart TV and control your TV with android mobile.

Universal Remote Control TV

Universal Remote Control TV is a cool app featured on the Google Play Store for the android 2.2 and higher devices. It supports TVs from 2010 with the Internet TV features, TVs from 2011 and 2012 with AllShare feature.

  1. Download it on your android mobile.
  2. Go to the TVs menu under the System Setting and activate remote control.
  3. Your android mobile is ready to control TV.

HTC Sense TV

HTC Sense TV is a powerful app to control your HTC TV powered by the Peel. Download and install HTC Sense TV from the Google Play Store on your android mobile. This powerful app will

  1. Control your HTC TV and set top box.
  2. Analyze content you watch on TV and make suggestions about the programs you may like to watch.
  3. Tracks the shows you watch on TV and gathers information about its cast and crew, synopsis and social media buzz.
  4. Feed you the stats, scores and social media buzz on your phone while watching LiveSports on the HTC TV.

TV Samsung Remote Control

TV Samsung Remote Control works with the TVs and android mobiles with built in IR blasters. In case your android mobile does not have the IR blaster, but the Samsung TV has the network interface, you can download another app with wifi interface from the Google Play Store for your Samsung TV.

  1. Download and install the app on your android mobile with the IR blaster.
  2. Point the IR blaster of your android mobile directly at the TV not farther than 5 meters.
  3. Control your Samsung TV without any additional hardware.

Android TV Remote Control

Android TV Remote Control works with ADT-1 Developer Kit.

  1. Download and install the app from the Google Play Store on your android mobile.
  2. Connect your android mobile and android TV on the same network.
  3. Switch between the d-pad and touchpad to navigate content and play games.

Let us know about the android mobile and TV set you own and your favorite apps on the Google Play Store to control TV.


Honda CBR Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings

Whether you are an armature or a pro rider, Honda CBR aftermarket motorcycle is the first choice of the bike enthusiasts. Stylish, sleek and powerful Honda CBRs are all-round bikes perfectly built for speed and endurance. They are perfect for street riding or long distance with powerful engine and strong and easy chassis. Outfit your bike with the Honda CBR aftermarket motorcycle fairings and have your bike look fresh and ready to roar.

Improve the performance of your Honda CBR aftermarket motorcycle with our impressive catalogue of fairings built in different shapes, styles and colors. Add style and extra protection by fixing a quarter fairing with a windscreen to protect you from the dust. Go for a half fairing with a windshield and streamline the shape and increase the speed of your motorcycle. Side fairing is an excellent aid to the aerodynamics and keeps the mud and grit away from the engine. Full fairing is the best for reducing the drag and protecting the engine and chassis during a crash.

Whether you are looking for protection or style, our range of Honda CBR aftermarket motorcycle fairings have something to offer you. While selecting a motorcycle fairing, consider two factors – weight and visibility. Make sure that the weight of the fairing does not influence your ability to handle the bike and reduce the speed. The windshield should not hinder your vision and offer a good range of visibility.

Select a perfect fairing for your Honda CBR motorcycle and make it perform at the top capacity. Add style and extra protection to your Honda CBR with our aftermarket motorcycle fairing kits. Our fairing kits are perfectly designed for racing and roads. If you are not sure what type of fairing kit is suitable for your Honda CBR motorcycle, we will guide you to select the best fit.

Holidaying at Golden Beaches of Jaffna

The tiny island of Sri Lanka is endowed with thousands of miles of golden beaches. Fringed with coconut palms and holiday resorts along the coast, Sri Lankan beaches are the main tourist attractions. Jaffna, 12th largest city in Sri Lanka, is also a sea port and administrative headquarters to Jaffna district.

Jaffna, even though not considered a major tourist spot in Sri Lanka, has a number of tourist attractions such as Dutch forts, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, Chundikulam Sanctuary and amazing beaches. Sunlit golden beaches of Jaffna attract a lot of tourists who love to bask in the sunlight.

Casuarina, Santhakulam, Chaddy, Navatkuli, Manatkaadu, Keerimalai, Chundikulam  Mathagal, Delft and Thondaimannar are some of the beaches worth visiting at Jaffna. Jaffna beaches have a unique tranquilizing effect on your body and mind. You can easily doze off feeling salty breeze and listening to the whispering sound of sea waves.

Casuarina Beach

Casuarina beach, located 15 km from the Jaffna town, is one of the best beaches of the city. Gentle waves and shallow waters near the shore make it safe for swimming. It is the best beach to go for long walks or simply to lie down and relax under the clear blue sky. It is also one of the less polluted beaches and home for a wide variety of fishes and other species. The beach is lined up with shady Casuarina trees along its coastline instead of palm trees.

Keerimalai Beach

Keerimalai meaning mongoose hill in Tamil is also a beautiful beach to visit. Keerimalai is also famous for its mineral water springs. Separated by a wall from the sea, keerimalai springs are believed to cure all the illnesses by bathing in it. While visiting Keerimalai, you can also visit Naguleswaram Hindu temple, one of the oldest shrines in the region. A legendary sage named Nagula Muni built this temple after he was cured by bathing in the springs. Today, the temple is highly acclaimed among the Hindus all over the world.

Chaddy Beach

Chaddy beach is another impressive beach located 12 km from Jaffna. This beach is a clean and quiet place with peaceful vibes. Even though the beach does not offer breathtaking adventures such as water skiing or wind surfing, it is a lovely and secluded place surrounded by gorgeous scenery. It is a nice place to sit side by side with your loves one and enjoy the sunset or go for long walks hand in hand.

Manatkaadu Beach

Manatkaadu beach is another beautiful beach with clear blue waters and golden sands. It is an ideal beach to laze around. Manatkaadu beach offers you year round sun bathing and swimming. However, November to April is the best time to visit. You can enjoy the gentle waves crashing on your feet, while sitting on the beach. Enjoy the surrounding beauty and palm trees. If you feel hungry, visit nearby village for deliciously cooked sea food by the villagers.

Jaffna beaches are warm and shallow with gentle waves. They are perfectly safe for swimming and playing games. Plan your trip to Sri Lanka now by applying for Sri Lankan Visas for your entire family.

Easy Webinar 4.0 Review

Easy Webinar is an all in one webinar system that can integrate google hangouts, you tube videos and customized templates to create a high quality event for selected audiences. Easy Webinar 4.0 is an enhanced version with an extensive template library and some additional features. Easy Webinar 4.0 review will make you aware about these new features and their practical applications.

Webinar or a web based event organized by an institution or an organization to conduct a seminar, lecture, presentation or workshop is not a new concept. The audience and presenters are aware about the effectiveness of an efficiently conducted webinar. Easy Webinar 4.0 review highlights all the benefits of a webinar.

Here are some enhanced features of the Easy Webinar 4.0.

The interactive feature of the live webinar, which allows real time discussions and exchange of information, makes it a stimulating experience. With Easy Webinar 4.0, you can conduct live events and automated events to generate more leads and sales. Automated events can be created using the recording of your live presentation.

Easy Webinar 4.0 review indicates that it has become extremely easy to install your event on your WordPress site. Now, you can turn your WordPress site into a webinar hosting platform without any mayhem. Easy Webinar 4.0 has become mobile friendly with mobile responsive pages. As a result, more people can access the event using their mobile devices.

Advanced social share feature provided by the Easy Webinar 4.0 helps your webinar to go viral on social networks. Easy Webinar 4.0 review shows that it generates a thank you page at the end of the webinar. The page also offers an option to unlock a free gift by sharing it on social networks. This new and improved feature helps to spread the news about your event.

With Easy Webinar 4.0, it has become very easy to generate highly converting pages using different colors, images and text. Using improved page builder offered by the Easy Webinar 4.0 you can design event pages, thank you pages, reply pages and countdown pages.

Eye catching page layouts and options to select various themes make it possible to make your presentation more lively and appealing. Now, you can present your brand and ideas more effectively with better visual appeal. Easy Webinar 4.0 review confirms that pre-designed layouts also help in creating user friendly and easy to understand content.

Easy Webinar 4.0 offers an easy to place widget, which can be placed on any webpage including your facebook fan page. You can customize this widget as registration form and place it on multiple pages. Easy Webinar 4.0 review implies that this helps in reaching out more prospects and generating more leads. Easy Webinar 4.0 can be integrated into the popular applications such as Wishlist, Autoresponder images or Optimize Press.

A highly efficient analytics system offered by the Easy Webinar 4.0 makes it possible to track the participants throughout the event – right from the registration to participation. Easy Webinar 4.0 enables you to identify hottest prospects based on the relevant information. Now, it has become easier to interact with the audiences using live chat. Easy Webinar 4.0 provides improved live chat options for facebook, twitter, Chatroll and more alongside their own chat option.

One Click Event is one of the best features offered by the Easy Webinar 4.0. Your existing customer or attendees can opt in by a single click without filling up the registration form. Or you can send a “Register Now” link through Autoresponder. This saves a lot of time, when you expect a large audience. Scarcity feature and countdown timer also generates a level of urgency among the viewers and they may make up their mind to attend the event.

You can create an event and schedule it for a specific date and time by accessing an easy to use dashboard. Some advanced features offered by the Easy Webinar 4.0 make it possible without creating last minute rush. Optimize your webinar using inbuilt SEO settings and list your webinar on the first page of Google. Easy Webinar 4.0 review will certainly give better ratings for this feature.

Easy Webinar 4.0 can reach to the wider audiences due to its advanced features. Besides, it offers real time behavior lead scoring with it advanced analytics system. This can produce a wealth of the information for the marketers. They can use it for further engagement and conversion of a sale. The option of delivering additional content to the attendees is also revolutionary. You can offer the attendees a pdf download, survey questionnaire or even Buy Now button. Excellent Easy Webinar 4.0 review is due for this feature.

The latest study also reveals that the marketers try to balance between the new and old marketing channels. Easy Webinar 4.0 is the latest form of customer engagement. It also proves that the webinars can be successful marketing channels. Easy Webinar 4.0 can be a means to effective B2B communication. It can be used for product demonstration and presentations. It can also be used for sales training and online education.

Generating content that captures the attention of the audience is one of the biggest challenges for the marketers. I would like to emphasize in this Easy Webinar 4.0 review that it gives effective solution for this challenge. You can develop strong and integrated marketing content using the Easy Webinar 4.0 with its improved features. Easy Webinar 4.0 offers audience development, relationship building, brand promotion and lead generation all at one place. It is also one of the most cost effective ways for broadening the scope of your brand promotion.

I am sure Easy Webinar 4.0 review will be helpful to select the right technology to create your online events. You may be using it to generate sales or conduct teaching classes; Easy Webinar 4.0 gives an immersive experience. The attendees can thoroughly enjoy the presentation as good as a live presentation. They can also participate in live conversation and clarify their doubts. Easy Webinar 4.0 review also validates the cost effectiveness of the system. It is less expensive than attending the event in person. It saves the money on traveling and staying. Besides, it is more convenient to attend the event from the comfort of your own home or office. Webinar recordings offer the luxury of watching them again and again.

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