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South West India with Arabian Sea on west boundary covers a number of states. They are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. Each state has distinct culture and diverse cuisine. South West India with its tropical climate and sea beaches is a paradise for a foodie. For most of the south west region in India, rice and fish are the main components of food with abundant use of coconut.

What possibly could be a better way to explore Indian cuisine than a road trip? Today, wide network of buses connect even smallest towns in the interiors of the countries. Besides it is convenient to book online bus tickets using any travel website. You can begin your road trip with Goa by bus.

Goa can be the first destination for a foodie travelling south west region in India. Finger licking Goan curry Pork Vindaloo is a famous dish of Goa. Vindaloo has many Indian versions modified from the original Portuguese dish. Sweet and sour Indian version of the Vindaloo can be made using chicken or lamb, also. The Goan style curry is infused with different spices, ginger, garlic, wine, vinegar and sugar.

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka also known as the garden city, can be next on a road trip. Udupi restaurants in Bangalore are must visit for vegetarian food. Udupi cuisine takes its name from a small town Udupi on the southwest coast of India. The Udupi food is cooked following Satvik Indian vegetarian food tradition without using meat, onion or garlic. Main components of Udupi food are grains, vegetable and fruits without the use of strong spices.

Our next destination on the rout can be Thalassery, a small town on Malabar Coast of Kerala. Thalassery has a rich tradition of delicious food which is a combination of French, Malabari and Arabian cuisine. Most of the Thalassery dishes are cooked in coconut oil without using artificial flavours. Some famous dishes are Kaipola made from banana, eggs and dry fruits, Arikadukka made from mussel fried with rice batter, Money Bag cooked in the shape of a purse using chicken and eggs, Muttamala, an egg dish and many more. Thalassery tickets can be booked easily using Bangalore to Thalasserry bus online booking.

Barde Roadlines is a well known bus operator in west region of India. They connect major cities in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Besides, tickets can be booked with zero booking fees.

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