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These days, men are equally conscious about their looks and physique as ladies. They want to look electrifying standing next to their partners. With growing awareness, many brands have launched a wide range of skin care, hair care and cosmetic products for men. Now, men can buy specialized soaps, shampoo, hair care products, skin care lotions, shaving creams, anti-wrinkle products, deodorants etc. Even the advertisements of toothpastes such as Dabur Red toothpaste are shown in full swing in men’s context.

However, no lipstick or eyeliner is advertised, all the measures are taken to make men look clean and healthy round the clock. Undoubtedly, time has changed! Most of the departmental stores, pharmacists and online cosmetics India display men’s cosmetics on exclusive shelves.

Men have 20% thicker skin than ladies. For this reason, a huge collection of cosmetic items is manufactured specially for men based on their rough and thick skin types.  Men’s lotions, cleansers and sunscreens are stronger with high level of pH compared to that of ladies. They are specially formulated to penetrate deep into the pores for effective results.

Logically speaking, there is no best soap for men as the right choice of soap depends on men’s skin types. Some soaps work best for combating dry skin, while some are formulated for oily skin. The main aim is to keep the skin spotless, fresh and dirt- free. Different soaps have varying levels of purifying grains with different levels of moisture in it. Whatever be the brand, the outcome should be a feeling of freshness and lightness after using a beauty product.

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