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Baby Care and Baby Development

All round development of their child is the main concern of the parents. Their three main concerns are diet, activities and behavior. These three child care issues are very important for a child’s all round growth.

Eating right is important for a child to be healthy and happy. Baby food diet guidelines are never easy to follow, as each child is unique and reacts differently to different food. It is found that more than 40% of children are overweight. Healthy homemade baby food is the best for your child’s all round development. Homemade squash, perfectly cooked lentils, boiled vegetables such as carrot and beans, mashed fruits such as apple and banana are packed with nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, fiber, iron and calcium. These food items are easy to prepare and tasty to eat.

Properly fed baby is active and happy. She is willing to play and participate in various activities. Parents can help their child develop fine motor skills by encouraging her to perform various activities such as drawing and scribbling, filling up and emptying a container with toys, stacking, sorting or stringing colorful blocks etc. Simple activities such as dressing and undressing or pinching and poking can help developing fine motor skills in a child.

Proper sleep is also important for growth and development of a child. Create a perfect sleep environment in your child’s room. A baby’s nursery or a child’s room should be peaceful and quiet with cool temperature and attractive décor. You can decorate it with Disney princess wallpapers or Disney fairies wallpapers. Perfect sleep environment, comfy bed and relaxing bedtime ritual such as reading a story or playing music or singing a song help in getting sound sleep.


Grocery Shops India

According to a report by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India and Yes Bank, local Kirana Shops selling grocery account for 68% of the total value of groceries sold in the country. These shops are sometimes even smaller than 400 square feet. They often sell grocery on credit. High end departmental stores and super markets have small chunk of market share. Online grocery shops in Hyderabad have tiniest market share.

Organized multi brand retail sector is slowly developing in metropolitan cities. Swelling middle class and growing incomes attract foreign investors to invest in India’s retail sector. However, the local shops are still thriving with the business. One of the reasons behind their success is they are easy to access. Most of the time, you find them at the corner of the street. They also offer customized services as they know their customers personally. The quality of the goods can be checked, if it is good or not, as the goods are not pre-packed. To purchase small items such as Boro Plus creams or Nestle chocolates, people do not want to go all the way to the malls.

Online grocery shops are slowly picking up in metropolitan cities in India. Some of them tie up with the local Kirana stores for home deliveries in their areas. You can place your order online and select a shop in your area. They will deliver goods at your doorsteps. To promote their services, some online grocers even offer discount up to 60%. Some of them offer cash on delivery options and no questions asked return policy.

Data Cards India

Online mobile, dth and data card recharge websites come up with new offers and deals to promote their services. By using their online recharge services for pre paid mobile phones, dth TV connections or data card recharge, you may win Free Mobile Recharge or refill cards. Or these websites may offer discount coupons with every recharge online.

According to mobile Internet report published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB, mobile internet is expected to grow by 50% in India by the year 2014. Current price drop in the prices of tablets and large screen smartphones, the growth of mobile internet may even cross the expected limit.

High speed data cards are also becoming popular. Other than speed and price, data cards offer various features. For example, Alcatel data card comes with support for Rx diversity that means it is equipped to work efficiently indoors.  The Micromax MMX144F data card supports 14.4 mbps speed. Intex Speed 3.5G  data card with stylish looks and dual antennae offers good reception and speed. It also supports an external memory card, SMS and phonebook.

Huawei E303 HiLink with Type3i technology is a installation free, configuration free and dialing free data card with superb speed even when signal strength is weak. Huawei E355 is the world’s first data card with WiFi and it can connect with a PC/laptop or any USB adaptor and activate WiFi.

A wide variety of data cards are available with attractive tariff plans. MTS MBlaze data cards compatible with almost all the operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux and support standard USB 2.0. It is a handy data card with micro sd card and fastest speed upto 3.1 mbps. MTS data card tariff plans are speed based, usage based and unlimited plans. MTS data card recharge online is convenient and quick.

Tata photon data card is available with two options. They are Tata photon whiz data cards and Tata phone max data cards. Some features of Tata Photon Max are up to 6.2 mbps downlink, no roaming charges across the India and superb reception even indoors. Tata Photon Whiz data card can access the internet, answer and make phone calls, send and receive messages and use phonebook. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linus with USB 1.1 and above.

Cost of Cremation

Price for cremation is certainly less than that of burial. However, it can vary from place to place and funeral home to funeral home. Cost of cremation can be less if it is arranged directly through crematory. It would be best to locate a funeral home or cremation services in your area and inquire about the pricing information.

For example, in Indianapolis area an average quality casket and vault costs around $4,000. The full cost of traditional funeral with burial including embalming and hearse rental can be in between $10,000 to $12,000. However, Indianapolis cremation services with a small memorial service can cost as little as $1,200. Tacoma cremation services also cost almost same. If you opt for a basic cremation without any memorial services, it may cost around $500.

Total cremation cost includes a number of charges other than basic cremation. Before cremating a body certain paperwork is necessary. Original death certificate and certificate issued by the medical examiner or coroner to release the body for cremation are necessary. To obtain these certificates certain fees are to be paid. Other expenses include cost of casket, transporting the body to the crematorium, removing pacemaker etc, refrigeration charges, and handling charges to the funeral director. Cremation urn and personalization may cost extra.

Sometimes people have to make tough choices while making funeral arrangements of their loved ones.

Teething Babies, Toy Store and My Baby Store

Teething tots give sleepless nights to their moms. When a child cries during the night, most of the time their mom gets up rather than dad. Sleepless nights make them feel groggy and irritable during the day. Generally teething starts as early as three months or as late as twelve months. Teething is the process when teeth break out through the gums. It is a painful process. Teething symptoms begin 3 to 5 days before the tooth appears. They include swelling and soreness in the gums, excessive drooling, lack of hunger, sleeplessness, crying and mild fever. The process of teething leaves the baby and parents equally exhausted. They need some relief from the sore gums and flushed cheeks. There are some homeopathic medicines available for the symptomatic relief. You can contact some certified homeopathy practitioner for more details.

Today, we have realized that toys are not for entertainment purposes only. They help a child in developing various skills such as hand-eye coordination, mental agility, cognitive skills, speech development, social awareness etc. Toys such as teething necklace may help in teething process. Generally, toys are age specific and parents are constantly under pressure to upgrade the toy collection of their child. Toy in India can be available on rent also. Companies like Rentoy have a huge collection of branded toys which they offer on rent. What happens if your child does not want to part with the rented toy? You have the option of buying it. However, I am not sure how health friendly is the concept of toy renting.

Do not forget to visit the Big Sale at Hoopos, my baby store. Here you can browse through more than 7500 products from more than 75 reputed brands. They offer up to 50% discount plus free shipping and cash on delivery options. You can browse through a big selection of baby products available daily as the ‘deal of the day.’ I am sure your shopping cart would spill over with the latest in child and baby products.

Online Recharge Services

With so many online recharge sites around, how to choose the one for you? All of them offer free discount coupons with online mobile recharge or dth recharge, but would you select an online recharge site just because it offers free coupons at no extra cost with Airtel dth recharge online or MTS online recharge? I do not think so. Here are some points to be considered while selecting an online recharge site.

  • It should be accessible from any computer or smartphone with Internet connection.
  • It should be designed as an interactive website that is easy, fast and reliable to interact with.
  • It should have a comprehensive help center and 24/7 customer service.
  • The process of online recharge should be simple and fully secure.  Quick credit transfer and activation of services are added advantages to offer.
  • It should make the consumers aware about the various promotional offers and deals.
  • It should accept major payment options such as credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal etc.

Hassle free and quick recharge is helpful in building loyal customer base among the competitive environment.

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