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According to Technopak, food and grocery market in India accounts for more than two thirds of total retail market. However, food and grocery e-tailing accounts for less than 1% of total Indian e-tailing. Online grocery shopping is slowly picking up in Indian metros.  Urban consumers find it convenient and cost effective in their busy lifestyle. Urban shoppers are young, educated and money-wise. They are willing to experiment and try out new options. Generally, online shoppers are looking for bargain prices or promotional deals. They make bulk purchases using staples online shopping, if they find some good offer. They are also prone to make impulse purchases. Attractive display and media promotions have contributed to the impulse purchases of breakfast cereals, chocolates, noodles, pasta, snacks, biscuits etc.

Well designed and well organized online shopping websites such as online grocery Hyderabad can increase the sales of certain branded products and premium products. Earlier, food staples such as rice, wheat, pulses, oil etc were purchased from the neighborhood grocery stores. Now, these staple foods, packaged properly by reputed brands, can be purchased online. Health conscious consumers have a number of choices in buying premium products such as whole wheat atta, refined edible oils, fatfree butter, health products, liquid soaps, floor cleaners etc. An online grocer can offer the best available brands and products in the market. They can also spread awareness about what foods are healthy and nutritious and how to make informed decisions by going through the product details given on their labels.

You can find a few mobile applications to prepare your online grocery lists. These apps provide nutrition information about different foods. They can help choosing right products that meet your unique requirements. Using these apps you can also compare prices online and shop smarter.


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