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Aakash – the Cheapest Tablet India

DataWind, a small London based company owned by Indian born entrepreneurs Suneet Singh Tuli and his brother Raja Singh Tuli bagged the contract from the Indian government to manufacture low cost tablet, Aakash for the poor school children in India. The tablet was to be manufactured in India using Google’s free Android software. The Indian government was expected to buy these tablets in millions. The DataWind was expected to deliver 100,000 tablets by December 31, 2012. However, it has not been able to deliver as per the promise. The DataWind had plans to launch a low cost version for commercial purposes, also. So far they have delivered approximately 10,000 tablets that are manufactured in China. The company is deeply in red as per the financial statements filed with British regulators.

Some interviews were conducted to find out the reasons behind the failure in delivering the product. DataWind executives, Indian government officials and Chinese manufacturers were approached to know their opinion. As per these interviews, the DataWind is a small family company to carry out such a complex and challenging job within budget and time limit. Even the China’s expert technology manufacturers would find such project challenging. Even Indian information technology giants such as HCL or Wipro did not submit their bids, as the specifications provided by the Indian government were quite challenging. The DataWind submitted the lowest bid at $50 with the promise that the tablets will be manufactured India. However, at present Indian manufacturing sector is not equipped with the required skills to build such complex hardware.

Indian government’s decision to expose school children from all strata to latest educational technology is praise worthy. However, one wonders how effective the technology is in improving educational performance of the students. According to Leigh Linden, an assistant professor at the University of Texas, Austin, hiring more teachers can be a more effective strategy to improve the standards of education among poor and under privileged children.  In some cases latest technology such as computers or tablets may lower the performance of the students.

Here is the full story: An Idea Promised the Sky

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Cremation Services and Memorial Services

More people in the US are choosing cremation over burial. According to CANA, Cremation Association of North America, cremation was chosen by 42.2%  of deaths in US last year. A traditional funeral may cost anything between $6,000 to $10,000, whereas the cost of a no frill cremation can range between $680 to $4,000. San Pedro cremation services offer great assistance in planning cremation and memorial services. Cost is one reason people choose cremation over burial. Environmental concerns and shortage of land are other reasons to choose cremation. Cremation offers more options to held memorial service. It can be arranged at home or some other venue of choice.

With popularity, the cost of cremation has increased over 40% from 2009 to 2011. However, pre-planning can save you some money. Cremation Fort Lauderdale can help in drawing a cremation plan. Cremation plan can be a hand written signed piece of paper or it can be a formal estate planning document filed with your attorney. It states your desire for cremation and your choice of cremation service provider. It also states your wishes about disposal of cremated remains. A cremation plan records if any advance payments are made for certain services.

As per recent developments, an alderman Marge Laurino has proposed Chicago cemeteries to allow pet cremation services. According to her, people feel close to their pets and some people put them in their wills. So, why not allow them to cremate their pets? If her proposal is accepted, cremation Chicago would be available for pets.

Holiday Dresses, Party Ideas and Baby Food Recipes

Here are some birthday party ideas for parents who are looking for not so common ideas for their child’s special day.  This year you can teach your child the joy of giving back to the less fortunate kids. You can inform his friends to bring some story books or glossy picture books instead of toys and games and donate these books to children who are less fortunate. Another idea is to organize do-it-yourself birthday party. You can select your child’s favorite theme for example butterfly, prince, baseball etc and make some crafts using the theme. Or you can organize a theme party such as cartoon characters parade, Ruby’s tea party, Jax’s train party or Oscar’s baseball party.

Holidays are a great excuse to indulge in chocolates, sweets and fashion games for girls. Whatever is her style, buying holiday dresses is a superb gift idea. Buy a festive frock or fantastical tutu for your little princess. If she is fond of blacks, then classic black jumper with a bit of a bling and minimalist look fits her style. If she loves feminine style, frilled tulle with a little shimmer and polka dots is perfect to spread holiday joy and cheer.

It is frustrating when your toddler wouldn’t touch anything green. The perfect baby food recipes are to boil, blanch, or steam greens such as peas, carrots or apples and puree them perfectly with no lumps. Add a bit of seasoning and a healthy and nutritious baby food is ready in a jiffy. Pureed sweet potatoes or banana smoothies are all time favorites of tiny tots.

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Project Management Certification Programs

Skilled and experienced project managers can enroll in some reputed correspondence courses or evening classes to obtain additional qualification and an edge in competitive job market. Often these courses are expensive, but they are worth the value.

PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) Certification has two levels of examinations – PRINCE2 foundation certification and PRINCE2 practitioner examination. PRINCE2 is a process-based approach to learn and practice project management methodology. It is a de-facto standard for project management in the UK and practiced worldwide to manage businesses and projects effectively. It gives better ability to control resources and manage risks while managing projects. It is equally useful for business owners as well as employment seekers and experienced project managers.

Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA) certification is a part of the ITIL intermediate capability stream. It can also be pursued as a freestanding certification. It gives greater capabilities to offer high level customer satisfaction. Candidates aspiring for ITIL expert in IT service management certificate should clear the ITIL foundation certificate examination before attempting for SOA architect certification. Also, they should be familiar with the IT terminology and should understand the context of service offerings and agreement management of their own business environment. Some of the topics covered in SOA certification are service portfolio management, service catalogue management, service level management, demand Management, supplier management, and financial management.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is globally recognized certification for project managers. Skilled project managers with relevant education, experience and abilities to lead challenging industry projects can apply for this certification program. PMP certification exam is a 4 hours long marathon. Candidates have to attempt 200 PMP exam questions within this time period. Thorough preparations and extensive practice in writing sample questions is a key to pass the PMP certification examination. A candidate must practice writing minimum 2500 sample questions and attempt at least 3 mock tests before appearing for the actual examination.

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How to Choose Cremation Services

Choosing a right cremation service provider is essential to maintain the dignity and respect of the deceased. Whether you need assistance with drafting an advanced cremation plan or need immediate help with passing away of a relative, your funeral director or staff members should be there to guide and support you. Apart from offering low cost cremation, your service provider should be a member of a recognized professional organization such as CANA.

Before finalizing cremation services check out their credentials and go through the references of the families who have used the facility. If possible, visit a few facilities such as Minneapolis cremation services and find out if they perform their own cremation. If yes, make sure that their facility is technologically up-to-date and operators are certified and trained to operate cremation equipment. You must inquire if there is some time gap between receiving the body and performing cremation.  Find out if they have properly functioning refrigeration facilities to keep the body prior to the cremation.

You must be familiar with the procedure of identification and tracking of the body during cremation and verification of body remains after cremation.  You must ask them about the policy regarding holding of cremated remains and disposing of prosthetics. Professional service providers such as Illinois cremation services can help you with choosing the urn and planning memorial service for a meaningful tribute to the deceased.

Your cremation service provider should adhere to the code of cremation ethics. The code of cremation ethics involves maintaining the atmosphere of respect towards the dead and compassion towards the living with the help of qualified and courteous staff members. The dead of our society deserve to be honored and remembered with love and compassion.

Nightmare and Night Terror

Sleep disorders such as nightmares and night terrors are common among children. A number of circumstances or situations can cause such disorders. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, fever, medications are some of the causes for disturbed sleep and nightmares. Generally, these disorders can be prevented by setting up a regular bedtime and wake up time.  Some relaxing activities such as reading a happy story or cuddling and drinking a warm glass of milk before going to bed can be helpful to induce a good night’s sleep. In spite of these precautions, if the nightmares or night terrors prevail, it is advisable to consult your pediatrician.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between nightmares and night terrors. Nightmares occur late at night or early morning during REM sleep. Generally, your child can remember a nightmare and he can be easily awakened during a nightmare.

However, if you hear frightening screams and see a glazed look in the eyes of your child, it could be a night terror. It is difficult to wake him up although he may look awake with the eyes open. It may take anything between 10 to 30 minutes before he is fully awake.

Generally, night terrors occur during REM sleep early at the night. Sometimes, they occur within two hours a child goes to sleep. A child does not remember night terrors in the morning. But it is frightening for parents to see their child terrorized and screaming with eyes wide open.

As a parent, the best thing you can do is to wake up your child as soon as he screams. Once he wakes up, console and comfort him and consult a good pediatrician.

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