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Education – Then and Now

In ancient time, children were sent to Gurukula for 12 years to complete their education. Children from all walks of life lived together under the supervision of a learned Guru and learned Vedas, Shastras and scriptures. Students had to follow strict discipline to achieve perfection in various skills. Apart from formal education, they were rigorously trained for physical health, mental power and intellectual sharpness. Students were molded for inner strength, will power and moral values. Such strict regime was considered necessary to cultivate physical, mental and intellectual prowess. At the end of 12 years, a student would come out glowing with Ojas.

In modern time, the meaning and methods of education are radically changed. With the aid of technology, learning has become so much fun and entertaining especially for preschool kids. You can buy a colorful, musical and talking electric toy for your child to make learning interesting and exciting. There is a wide variety of electronic toys available for various age groups including new borns, infants, toddlers and pre-school kids. Some of the most popular electronic toys are remote control bike, talk and explore cellphone, adventure globe, learning phones, learning computers and notebooks preloaded with a number of educational activities.

Another option to sharpen the logical skills of your child is buying a gaming laptop. The best gaming laptop is laced with big digital screen and real time gaming options. Hundreds of inbuilt educational games keep your child occupied for hours. Educational games are available in a number of categories such as math, language, logic, memory, puzzles, music, art, hand-eye co-ordination games etc. These games make learning a pleasant experience for a child as well as parent.

The most dreaded monsters come out in the darkness. The best ally during such frightening times is a powerful flashlight. Rechargeable, compact and waterproof flashlight can be a mighty weapon to disperse the darkness. It can make your child fearless and independent. This new found confidence can boost his self esteem and make him adventurous. Flashlight buy can be a good playmate during sleepovers, over night camps and other night activities. Some popular games using flashlights are flashlight stomp, flashlight dance, scavenger hunt, guess my shape etc.

In today’s world, educational games, electronic toys and gadgets have made learning experience inspiring and entertaining.


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